Month: September 2014

What is clutter?

So my previous blog post was about clutter and how it holds you back in life. If you missed it, you can read it here.

So this pesky thing that is called clutter that is weighing you down and holding you back… What is it really?

Well, there’s the dictionary explanation, that goes something like this:
“To fill or litter with things in a disorderly manner, a disorderly heap or assemblage.”

I find that to not be very helpful in this situation. I read that and in my mind I go: “Yes, but what does that mean?”

There can be disorderly looking heaps that are completely organised. I’ve seen them myself. There are people that can pull an exact piece of paper out of a pile like that. So that’s a not so good looking filing system really. I’m not sure I would necessarily deem it clutter though. There is actually order in that pile.

So, after having observed how it affects me and my clients, this is my definition of what clutter is:

  • things you don’t love or use regularly
  • too many things in too small of a space
  • things that are broken or mistreated
  • unfinished things
  • things that make you feel bad
  • things that are unorganised (and therefore often annoy you)

So with this definition I hope you can recognise the clutter in your home.

Common places for clutter accumulation is the linen cupboard, the container drawer in the kitchen (you know where you have lids with no containers, and the other way around), your sock drawer, the laundry, the garage where boxes with things (and also stuff) seem to live a life of their own, under your bed, and in your whole closet.

So when you look at something, and you’re not sure if it’s clutter of not, ask yourself this:
Do I love it?
Do I need it?
Do I use it?

If your answer is no to all three of these questions, it’s clutter and you would benefit from getting rid of it.

So now you know what clutter is and what it does to you. Next week we’ll look at how you can use your clutter as a compass for finding out what areas in life you need to pay a little extra attention to.

Until then, go on, be brave and do some clutter clearing. Just because you can. You might be surprised at what happens!

Have fun,

Feel Good Group - This is clutter

Example of what clutter looks like.


Clutter – it’s bad for you

“What’s the big deal with clutter?” Someone asked me this question the other day. For a second or two I was just quiet. Where to begin to explain?!

The first words that came out of my mouth were:
“It drags you down. It keeps you stuck in the past and it holds you back from achieving your goals and living the kind of life that you really want.”

Not too shabby of an answer straight off the bat like that, even if I do say so myself.

Clutter accumulates where there is stagnant energy. It also works the other way around: where there’s clutter, the energy is low, slow, smelly, unpleasant and unsupportive.

Clutter drags you down and it keeps your mind occupied with stuff, it invites you to hold on to your past. How? Because in one way or another we’re energetically attached to and connected with everything we own. So the more stuff you have, the more you have to keep track of, the busier your mind is, and the more you focus your energy on the past and what you already have (the good, the bad and the ugly), instead of the future and where you want to go next.

Clutter can be physical, and that’s mainly what I’m talking about here. There is also mental clutter in the form of unhelpful thoughts, worry, anxiety, replaying events from the past, holding grudges etc. etc. etc.

Often times one type of clutter follows the other. So if you are feeling stuck in any area of your life, the likelihood is that you have accumulated some physical clutter and that you’re holding on to some stuff emotionally too.

What’s great about that (What, you just said clutter sucks, right? Yes, I did, bare with me here, there is a point.) is that you can use your clutter for good. You can use it as an indicator of where you’re stuck and what area of your life needs your attention next. That’s a good thing, right? Your clutter is telling you the next important thing to look at.

Next week I’ll help you recognise what clutter is and if you, in fact, have any!

What do you think? Is there any clutter hiding in your home?


Feel Good group - Clutter weighs you down

Clutter weighs you down!

Feng Shui – You don’t have to believe it to see it work

I did a short talk at my local business breakfast this morning around Feng Shui and the value of using it. Preparing for this talk I was going through all the wonderful things I could share that would be of value to the group. And the one thing I kept coming back to was that you actually don’t have to believe in Feng Shui for it to work.

It just does.

Feng Shui works with the subtle energies around us. Some people can feel these energies, some can’t. Some know that they exist, some don’t. Some believe in them, some think it’s all a load of cr*p. Some are hoping that these energies are there, and they don’t have any proof that this is the case.

Well these days there really IS scientific proof that energy exists and that it affects us. And that’s a totally different blog all together. What I’m after today is to get the message across that you don’t have to believe in Feng Shui for it to benefit you.

I personally think that this is great news!

This means that you can have a consultation done for your home or office, and as long as you follow the advice given, you will get the benefits of Feng Shui, whether you believe in it or not.

What you will notice is that magically a problem you’ve been struggling with for a long time all of a sudden is resolved with a wonderful outcome. That business deal that you just couldn’t get across the line before will all of a sudden be happening, and faster and easier than you could ever imagine.

You might find that you sleep better. You could start shedding those extra kilos. You might find the inspiration to start writing your book, or finding the courage to start your own business. Maybe you were single and out of the blue meet your dream partner. If you were getting a bit tired of your spouse, all of a sudden you might feel like you are newly in love again.

All of these things (and more of course) can happen simply because your home (or office) is now resonating with positive energy, bringing harmony and balance to all areas of your life.

So if you have a block in any area of life that has been there for a while, you’ve “tried everything” and you don’t know what else to do about it – Feng Shui can really help.

Donald Trump says this about Feng Shui:

“I don’t have to believe in Feng Shui.
I use it because it makes me money.”

So next time you’re feeling stuck, why not take a leaf out of Mr Trump’s book and use Feng Shui to help you, whether you believe in it or not.

Have a great weekend!

With love,

Feel Good Group - Donald Trump uses Feng Shui because it makes him money.

Donald Trump uses Feng Shui because it makes him money.

Are you blocking your wealth creation potential?

A lot of questions I get around Feng Shui are related the topic of wealth and/or abundance. There are many areas of your home connected to wealth and abundance and I’ll give you five quick fixes below that you can implement straight away.

1. Make your entrance open and welcoming
Having lots of stuff in your entrance is detrimental to a free flow of opportunities, energy and people into your home. This is what will bring more money your way, so an easy to find and welcoming entrance is essential for creating wealth.

2. Use fresh fruit
Fresh fruit represents abundance and wealth, and it brings in positive energy to your home, and your body. Have a bowl of fresh fruit sitting on your dining table to send out vibrations of abundance, and you will attract more of the same.

3. Magnify it with mirrors
Mirrors will give you more of what they reflect. So have the mirrors in your home reflect things that remind you of wealth and abundance. This could be a lush, green garden, or the bowl of fresh fruit on your dining room table for example.

4. Burn it up
Make sure you use all of the burners or hotplates on your stove equally. Doing this will energetically support all income earning members of the family to bring in money. It will also support multiple streams income finding their way to you. Why? Because the stove represents abundance and wealth as this is where you prepare your food. So make sure you keep all money channels open!

5. Wipe it down
A dirty, greasy stove top is detrimental to your wealth. Dirt and grease blocks qi and an unclean stove top signals that you don’t care about your financial situation. Make it a habit to clean your stove every time after cooking and you will be amazed at the difference this will make. Not only will you feel good, you may well find that unexpected money making opportunities start coming your way!

There you have it. Five small steps that you can easily implement today to support your own wealth creating potential.

How good is that? 🙂

Yours in abundance,

Feel Good Group Fruit Bowl

A bowl of fresh fruit on your dining table will help you attract more abundance