Month: November 2014

Five Elements – Fire

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine and Feng Shui there are five elements present in nature: Fire – Earth – Metal – Water and Wood.

Each of these elements have specific characteristics and are represented in our world by certain colours, forms, materials and seasons. They also relate to each other and can be supportive or suppressive to certain areas of your home.

So I’ve decided to do a little blog series on the different elements, how you can recognise them and use them in your home or office to create support, balance and harmony.

First out is fire, seeing as Sydney is scorching hot today and we’re definitely coming into Summer, I thought this to be very apt…

Element: Fire
Compass sector: South
Areas of life: Fame, Reputation & Respect
Family member: Middle daughter
Season: Summer
Body: Heart, cardiovascular system, eyes
Emotions: Joy (and listlessness as in lack of joy)
Supportive colours: Red, burgundy, purple and pink.

So, how can you use this information to benefit you in your daily life?

The South sector of your home represents your fame, reputation and respect. Don’t take this literally. It doesn’t mean that if the South sector of your home is in balance and harmony, you’ll be famous. What it means is that this part of your home represents your reputation on the outside, i.e. how people perceive you in business, at work or in your community.

It shows you what people say about you behind your back when you’re not there. It also tells you how you feel about these areas of your life. Are you generally a happy person, or do you feel a bit listless? Maybe you are feeling burdened or burnt out by having to uphold a certain reputation in your work or as a role model/public figure? Or perhaps people are liking your ideas and what you stand for and respecting you and/or your business or work.

All of this you can “de-code” from reading the messages that your home is sending you from the South compass sector.

So if you find that people disrespect you, gossip about you, or you are generally listless, there are likely imbalances here. If you feel that you are well respected, happy, liked and people want to hear your opinions, the likelihood is that your South sector is in balance already.

To support the South sector and all related areas in you life as listed above, you can add more fire energy here. This can be done with red (purple, pink & burgundy) colours, burning candles (or other live fire that is safe), also your TV or any other electrical equipment will have “fire energy” as well. Plastic materials and bricks also represent fire and will give support to this sector.

If you are feeling burnt out, stressed or are having any problems with high blood pressure or are at risk for cardio vascular diseases, chances are you’ve got too much fire energy in the South sector of your home, and you need to bring it down a notch or two. You can take away from the fire energy in the South sector by either controlling it with water forms (blue colours, real water or glass) or depleting it with Earth forms (such as yellow, brown, beige and orange colours, terracotta, crystals or clay).

I love teaching about this stuff, and when used correctly, the five elements can really make a huge difference to how well supported you are in your home, and in your life in general.

If you have any questions about this, please comment below and I’m very happy to help out.

Warm regards,

Feel Good Group - Fire

Fire lives in the South sector of your home

Are you really ready for change?

Lots of people I meet say that they want to change. Then they don’t. So were they really ready to change to begin with? Or had they bought into some belief that their life would be better if they only changed X Y Z about themselves? Probably.

If that’s the case, I would recommend slowing down, taking some time and really figure out WHO says you need to change? Is it your friends? Is it society? Your parents? Family? Your boss at work? Or is it the quiet, steady voice inside of you saying “enough, let’s do something about this”?

If that’s the voice telling you to change, then change. You’re ready. It’s time.

If instead you hear your father’s voice, your friends, your teachers, colleagues, whoever that is not you, then maybe you actually don’t need to change at all. You’re not ready. This is not the time. So stop beating yourself up, stop “failing” at creating change and instead own the fact that you are not ready. This change that you “want” is not for you. And don’t do it. Let yourself be. Your time to change may come, it may not.

Know this – until you are ready, change won’t happen. You will fight it energetically, emotionally, physically and mentally, even if it is subconscious, even if you don’t know you’re doing it, you will be fighting it. Until you are aligned with your change, it’s going to be a hard slog. And that’s ok.

In that situation, instead of making yourself change because you should, be gentle. Wait for yourself to catch up. Work on aligning yourself with the change on all levels, make sure you can fully own it as yours, and then act on it. It might take time, and that’s ok.

When you are aligned with the change, you will know that it is coming from you. You will be certain it is in your best interest. You will know you’re doing it for you. Then go for it! Changing things up, being creative, learning new things can be really awesome. Change is good when you want it!

But what if you know you want to change, and have no idea where to start?

This is where I love feng shui as a tool. By knowing what areas of your home relates to what areas of your life, you can start creating positive change from the outside and in. By changing the corresponding areas of your home, you can start bringing on change in these areas of your life.

It’s like tricking yourself into changing without even realising it. When you free up energy in the areas of your home relating to health, your health will start changing as if it were magic. And in a way it is. These areas of your home are now resonating in balance, so your body, mind and soul will want to resonate with that same vibration.

Like attracts like.

And that’s what I teach in my workshops where I tell you how to read your home, so that you can be in control of the change you want to make and support yourself to get there.

I love what I do, and I love what feng shui can do for you!

Here’s to change,

Feel Good Group - Change

Are you ready, really ready to change?

The simple things…

On and off in my life I’ve felt this disdain towards people telling me to appreciate “the simple things in life”. Quite often this has been at a point where I’ve felt sorry for myself and like my life sucked, was too hard or there was just no meaning to, well, anything really.

I’m so glad to say I don’t have days like that anymore.

It might still hit me for an hour or two. And now I have a way out. A way to stop myself from spiralling downwards.

Wanna know the big irony? It’s about appreciating the simple things in life! HA! Back at me!!!

So yes, those people had a point. Yes, they actually knew what they were talking about. Funny that. I really do think it’s because I’ve started appreciating the simple things in life that I no longer go that far down the rabbit hole. I’ve been lucky enough to come across a mentor that has taught me to connect back with what is really important. And that one thing is…


It’s not “my inner self”, it’s not “who I truly am”, it’s not “my purpose”, “my core” or anything like that. It’s nature.

Nature is simple. It’s always there. It IS what it IS. If it rains, it will rain. No matter what I think about it. No mater what I do about it, nature just is. And that’s the beauty. That’s the learning. Therein lies the answer.

So these days, whenever I feel myself going down that negative spiral again, I stop. I make myself go outside and connect with nature. I don’t care in what way. Sometimes I swim in the ocean. Sometimes I look at the flowers on my lemon tree. Sometimes I watch the moon high in the night sky. Sometimes I sit on the wet morning grass.

And in that moment, I’m fully present and I appreciate the simple things in life. Like the fact that I’m still breathing. That I have all of my senses intact and can fully take in the beautiful show that nature is, even in a suburb in Sydney. There is so much life going on around me. And when I connect in with that, there is just no other way than to appreciate it.

So next time you find yourself feeling down about something, why not give it a go? Go outside and connect with nature in some way, any way.

It works for me. Maybe it will work for you too?

Tree hugs,

Feel Good Group - Sunflower

Sunflower – a simple thing to appreciate in life!