About Space Clearing

Sometimes rearranging furniture, changing colours and putting Feng Shui enhancements in  place is not enough to transform the energy of your home or workplace. If it still doesn’t feel right, or the energy doesn’t shift, you may be in need of a Space Clearing.

Space Clearing is exactly what it sounds like, a way to clear out old energies from a home or workplace, and create a new start. Space Clearing will also work if you feel that there is an entity or ghost in your home or workplace. I will work with you to make negative energies dissipate, and then we will bring in new, positive and supportive energies to your space. This is a great way to create a fresh start and to support your goals in life.

Space Clearing is all about balancing your energetic and physical environment to support you on all levels. Sometimes you hear people refer to Space Clearing as “creating sacred space”.

Feel Good Group - Space Clearing Tools - a picture of singing bowls and sage

I often use singing bowls and sage when I perform a Space Clearing.

A balanced, healthy home that has been space cleared provides the ability for the body and soul to recharge and heal. It also contributes to emotional balance and enhances free movement of energy on all levels.

Energetic memories

Everything that ever happens in a building gets recorded in the walls, floor, ceiling, objects and even the people and animals in that space. Repetitive patterns and moods get deeply imprinted and this is part of the reason why Space Clearing your home on a regular basis is vital for your wellbeing.

Think if you never cleaned your toilet… It would be really gross after a while, right? It’s the same with the energy in your home, it gets really gross and loaded with negative emotions and events. Only you don’t notice, because you get used to that heavy feeling. You don’t know that it’s there.

The problem I sometimes have when talking about Space Clearing is to get it across to people that energy is real. That what happens in a home stays there, unless it’s cleaned out. Not Space Clearing your home on an energetic level is like spilling red wine on your cream coloured carpet and just leaving the stain there. Then you spill again, at another spot this time, then another, and then you spill some tomato sauce, and then something else. After a while it actually looks like the carpet was a dark burgundy-greyish colour to begin with. You forget what your home looked like with the light, cream carpet and you get used to the dirty burgundy. See what I mean?

Previous occupants will leave behind part of their energy in your home, arguments and fights you or someone else have had will leave their imprints, habitual, negative thoughts will leave energetic traces as well etc. etc. All emotionally charged events happening in your space will leave traces of energy, and they do effect you, even if you are not aware of it.

Can you live with a dirty burgundy carpet instead of a clean, cream one? Of course you can. Which one feels better tough?

It’s important to note that clearing clutter is the very fist step to start your Space Clearing. Clutter holds on to energy and keeps you stuck in the past. For the best Space Clearing results I recommend starting with a really good “Spring clean” of your home, so that you and your home is ready to let go of the past and bring in fresh, new energies.

Why Space Clear?

There are numerous uses for Space Clearing, some of which include clearing stuckness and recurring problems, for healing purposes or after an illness, manifesting what you want in your life, for luck, to enhance profits in a business, change an atmosphere or even to improve your sex life! Space Clearing supports you in getting rid of unwanted energies or feelings in a space, as well as bringing in new, positive energies and emotions that you want to have in your life.

It’s a very powerful tool and I sometimes feel that what it does is like creating magic.

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