Feng Shui for Homes

Here’s what I look at to help you create a home that supports your life and dreams:

  • Ensure your entrance is welcoming for opportunities and abundance to come your way
  • Sleep in the best possible position to promote good health
  • Where to set up an office if you work from home
  • How to furnish your home for loving, supportive relationships, plus maximum health and wealth
  • What colours to use where
  • Tips on how artwork can help you bring about what you want out of life
  • Where to place mirrors, and where not to
  • EMFs and how to minimise their effect on you
  • Healthy homes, including cleaning tips and how to battle mould
  • Anything else that you’re specifically wanting to look at

I offer two levels of home consultations, one more basic and one more in-depth, so you can choose depending on what you feel you need.

The basic consultation focuses on energy (Qi) flow, forms (furniture placement etc.) inside your home, colours and general tips and ideas on how to improve your home environment. This consultation does not come with a written report. We talk through all the changes I can see you could do, and you take notes during our time together to remember these changes.

The in-depth consultation covers everything in the basic consultation, as well as what we in Feng Shui refer to as “Flying Stars” (refer to the Feng Shui page for more info). Flying Stars is an intricate way of deciphering the exact energy of your home, into fine detail for each compass sector and each room. To perform this level of consultation I will need to know when your home was built and I will require drawn to scale floor plans as well. So it’s a bit more involved for me, and for you. This consultation also comes with a full, written report covering all my findings and recommendations that you can refer back to as you work your way through creating positive changes in your home.

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