From time to time I run workshops. They’re not on a regular schedule, and when I’ve got one on, this will be where all the info will be available.

ACT-goal setting

This is a concept I came up with while writing my book “A Home for Love” and focuses on a way of setting goals that are not pushy and stressful or difficult. It’s about going within and really anchoring your goal in your heart and soul, before you set out to achieve it.

A – ALIGN: for aligning yourself with your goal, making sure it really is something you want, checking on the inside that this goal resonates with you.

C – CLEAR: for clearing any obstacles in your way. Get the skills or the help you need to achieve this goal, clear away negative self-talk (as much as you can) and sabotaging behaviours. Or put some supportive habits in place.

T – TRUST: for trusting in the process, in yourself and in the universe (or whatever you prefer) that you will attract people, opportunities and situations to help you along the way.

ACT – Once you’re in alignment, have cleared your obstacles and trust in the process, it’s time to ACT.

Attracting Love

This is a workshop for single women who want to attract a loving relationship. This workshop is also based on the information in my book “A Home for Love” and is a practical application of the information in the book, set over 3 sessions.

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