What others say about me…

Here is what some of the clients I’ve worked with have to say about working with me and the results they have created.

“Hi Sara, I just wanted to let you know I am enjoying your book. I’ve stopped at the “look around your house and list all the things you don’t like” and get rid of stuff. I have been busy getting rid of stuff that either my husband doesn’t like, or I don’t and the stuff we both don’t like! Can’t believe we’ve been living with so much stuff we don’t like or want! Ally x”

Ally, Accountant, Curl Curl, December 2019

“Sara has beautiful calming energy which she projects into her coaching and consulting. Sara helped me improve the energy flow in my home which transpired into other areas of my life. It improved my energy levels, sleep, work and life balance, greatly assisted with interpersonal relationships and self-care.

I was so happy with the outcome that I purchased a Feng Shui consultation, as a birthday voucher for a friend. Similarly, she has had fantastic results as a result of small adjustments she made in her home, as recommended by Sara.

Sara has a wealth of knowledge in feng shui and mentoring and I would highly recommend her services for anyone who feels they are not getting most out of life.”

Julie Bajic, Business Owner & Psychologist, Hornsby, October 2014

“I got a lot out of Sara’s recent workshop. Having had a Feng Shui consultation and report completed by Sara on my home, I was reminded of all the small changes I’d wanted to make and not quite got round to! I came straight home and made four changes instantly. It has also motivated me to sort out my general junk room/office space as work is becoming a focus for me, so it’s time to sort the prosperity space in my house out.

Learning more about EFT and how simple it is to use was the highlight for me. I have since taught my daughters how to use it to help them let go of unhelpful emotions and face challenges with confidence and inner strength.

If you have yet to experience the brilliance of Sara, register now. She has a wealth of knowledge which she applies practically to help her clients and it’s very clear her motivation for running these workshops is to help people.”

Liz Kerr, Business Owner & Yoga Teacher, Balgowlah Heights, September 2014

“I have always been interested in Feng Shui and found it very confusing. Now, after attending Sara’s workshop, it makes more sense and I am excited to see the results that can be achieved through Feng Shui.

I loved how Sara aligned the Feng Shui compass with the Coaching Wheel of Life. All of us could easily see which areas in our lives, and our home, needed attention. I have never seen it explained this way before. I couldn’t wait to get home and discover which areas I could change with the techniques taught to bring more positive energy to that area of my life.

I would recommend anyone wanting to know more of the wonders of Feng Shui or even those who have read the books to spend time with Sara. I have never been more motivated to learn more and use the techniques of Feng Shui.”

Monica Wynne, Coach, Mosman, September 2014

“I attended Sara’s workshop yesterday and it was fantastic! I immediately came home and made simple changes to my home, shifting things around, cleaning clutter and adding bits and pieces. Already my home feels MUCH MUCH better. I’m re-enthused about my home, and am looking forward to the positive changes that the shifts will bring. Thank you Sara!

Pru Chapman, Business Coach, Brookvale, August 2014

“I was having trouble sleeping & after a brief consultation Sara was able to identify the main source of my problem. I made a simple change & couldn’t believe how rested I felt the next morning. Thank you so much Sara.”

Kurt Hartmann, Business Owner & Landscaper, Manly, September 2013

“Thanks for your furniture placement services in relation to my office layout. You were efficient and very reliable.
I love my office space because of you.”

Richard Thomas, Solicitor, Manly, June 2013

“I asked Sara to come and Space Clear our new home as I wanted to be sure we were starting with a clean slate. I was so impressed with her professionalism and knowledge that I trusted her to complete my first Feng Shui report.

Since then, we have continually re-organised the layout of the rooms. Each time I have gone back to the report to check how best to use the rooms and where to place the furniture to support harmony and happiness in our home.

The report is so detailed that it is a tool I will continue to use whilst we live here; something I¹d never considered when I first talked to Sara about the report.”

Liz Kerr, Business Owner & Yoga Teacher, Balgowlah Heights, April 2013

“Towards the end of 2011 I knew what I wanted to achieve in 2012. From my Chinese background, I do believe in Feng Shui and how the balance of good and bad energies help. Sara Allard from FeelGood Feng Shui came to my shop and assessed the layout and provided a very thorough report with recommendations of changes. During my shop renovation I followed Sara’s recommendations to make sure there was good energy in the store along with our hard work to grow the business. Since then the business has thrived and grown dramatically compared to last year. We really appreciate all of Sara’s help and hard work and recommend her services.”

Tracy Woodham, Business Owner & Couture Designer, Castle Hill, December 2012

“I’m getting your report printed out today so I can read it properly. However there is one thing that is already working for me. Ever since I’ve covered up the mirror in my bedroom at night I’ve been sleeping solidly through the night! Amazing. I was tossing and turning for hours on end before and laid awake from 2.30am to about 5am every night.

So even if that is all that works for me, I’m happy!

I’ll report back!”

Roslyn Motter, Author, St Ives, November 2012

“Thanks for coming to my home and helping to clear the space. It was lovely to have you here and you’re really a very caring and compassionate consultant.

I have felt some significant changes to the energy of the house already. I was especially pleased to finally get rid of the negativity around the male spirit that had been hanging around here for a long time, and thankfully now I am rid of it. 🙂

Since the clearing I’ve felt much more resolute in myself and the kids are also sleeping easier, which is so great. Thanks again”

Debra Drummond, Business Owner, North Narrabeen, October 2011

“Sara what a wonderful experience. Thank you for explaining the process so clearly and for your patience and skill in drawing out what I really wanted from the house clearing. Your perception is truly a gift; from being able to articulate what I was feeling right through to the choice of oils and incense, you were spot on.

I feel the energy in the house is lighter and in fact as a result so is mine!

There are areas of the house I am now drawn to, where before I avoided them. Those rooms are more inviting and I can feel a warmth that was missing before.

I have a very clear sense that the house is now MY home.

Thank you.”

Liz Kerr, Business Owner & Yoga Teacher, Balgowlah Heights, August 2011

“We recently purchased and moved into a new home. We moved in without doing any renovations and we were keen to start making the house feel like “our home”. We wanted to make a fresh start.

I am normally a bit of a sceptic when it comes to spiritual matters, but when discussing with Sara her processes for Space Clearing it just seemed to make a lot of sense. My eldest daughter had also been experiencing trouble getting to sleep in her new bedroom. Sara explained this could be addressed.

Sara sent through some comprehensive information about what she would be doing on the day and what she required from me. I found myself really looking forward to getting started.

The Space Clearing process took a couple of hours, in which myself and my youngest daughter were both invited to take part. Sara instinctively felt the areas that needed clearing. Afterwards we felt an almost immediate sense of the house “opening up”. Also, that night, my eldest daughter (who had no idea what had taken place earlier that day) dropped off to sleep without any trouble, and has continued to do so.

I’m so pleased we found Sara’s service, I feel like we have wiped the slate clean and can now settle into our new environment comfortably.”

Jude Bonington, Office Manager & Mum, Collaroy, March 2011

“I am so glad I asked Sara to help me plan my move into my new rented unit. At first I didn’t think she could, as she is in Sydney and I’m in Hobart. By providing Sara my address, floor plans and some photos, she was able to do a remote consultation for me. We communicated via video Skype, it was very simple, convenient, and fun!

I work from home, and adopting her suggestion to switch bedrooms and make the Master bedroom my office and the second smaller room my sleeping room made so much sense. The office had a much more abundant feel about it. Placing my desk to be in a position of authority was brilliant too. The eight months I spent there I had no shortage of assignments in my Work life! I was refusing work offers and I felt very productive. The difference in feeling to my previous office space was immense. I might add that I slept really well in my bedroom too. So it was the perfect use of the space that I had available.

Sara really knows her stuff and I highly recommend her services if you want the best from your work or home environment.”

Janine Beck, Project Manager, Hobart, March 2011

“Thank you Sara for your suggestions on how to use the different spaces in our house better, it has made a huge difference!

Sara came and did a Feng Shui consultation for us when we were expecting our second baby. The suggestions she made on how to use the rooms the best for when the baby would come along was great! We had been toying with different ideas and Sara’s suggestions really helped to get clear on how we wanted to use the different bedrooms in our home. It has worked really well and we are all very happy with the result!

Also, our entry area was very cluttered and Sara made us aware of the fact that this stops the financial flow into the house. Since de-cluttering and organising this area I have been finding myself being booked out one month in advance when previously I was only booked out about two weeks in advance. I feel Sara’s suggestions have contributed greatly to us feeling more organised and less cluttered in our home and generally.

Sara is very professional and she really listened to us and what we wanted. We felt very understood and like it was very important for her that we got value from the consultation. Not only on the things that we wanted to look at, Sara addressed a lot more than that during her visit and in the report afterwards.

We can very highly recommend Sara to anyone who wants to get some new ideas and create balance in their home and lives!”

Astrid Wilson, Psychologist, Yarrawarrah, January 2011

“I had known for a while that something was not quite right energetically in our home, particularly since setting up a home office. I felt stuck and unmotivated. I also knew that Feng Shui is all about working with energy and bringing out the best of what I have, so when I learnt that Sara was a Feng Shui consultant, I knew I had found the solution! What I wasn’t prepared for was the immediate and profound impact that Sara’s recommendations had on how I feel in our home environment.

What I loved about Sara’s consultation was the time she spent gaining a thorough understanding of the issues I was having, and the areas that worked energetically and those that didn’t – like my home office! I didn’t have to wait for the report to get some really simple ideas I could implement straight away.

For example, she looked at my work space and suggested I move my chair to have better support from the back and away from a sharp corner. I can’t believe the difference this has made to the way I feel about working from home – I am actually motivated now to sit down at my computer each day and my productivity has increased significantly.

After implementing the suggestions Sara made for the bedroom, I am now getting a good night’s sleep which makes a huge difference to my health and general wellbeing. It really is astounding how seemingly small adjustments can have a big impact on a room and the energy throughout my home. I loved reading Sara’s report too – there was a wealth of information and recommendations that were easy to understand and implement.

Thank you so much for your input and support, it has made a huge difference to our home and our lives!”

Cate McDonald, Business Owner & Passion Test Facilitator, Kensington, October 2010

“After having such a dismal result from our largest sales event of the year in Feb 2010, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to get your input before our next big event on 7th June 2010.

Your consultation was light, informal and very informative and as we have our work space and living space in the same building it was good for me to get it all done in the one visit.

I have been amazed at the results and how quickly things turned around.  I don’t remember the exact day of our consultation, I think it was in the last week in May.  However, what I do know is that since putting the moving metal object in the centre of our home on 6th June 2010 (the day before the event), as well as the other things you suggested, we have gained 12 new clients and approx $120K will be coming into our business over the next 12 months as a result.

Thank you for your support.  It was a pleasure having you in my home and I look forward to further input from you in the future.  I haven’t started my kitchen renovations yet and I am doing these with your trusty suggestions in hand.

I apologise for the delay in letting you know, but thanks to you I have been extremely busy”

Bev Tinker, Business Owner, Forresters Beach, June 2010

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