I’ve published my first book “A Home for Love” and am currently in the process of writing my second one.

A Home for Love

Sick and tired of being single? Tried everything under the sun to attract the love of your life? Just about ready to give up and join a monastery? Don’t!

You deserve to be in a loving relationship just as much as the next person, and this unique little book can show you the way. Find out how to make your home support you in attracting your ideal partner. Learn how to boost your confidence, fill up with positive energy and become a magnet for love. Get rid of unseen energetic blocks in your home and heart. Start living a life of flow and ease and begin to receive what you truly desire. Discover how to create very different results from anything you’ve ever tried before. Dare to dive head first into this journey of change from the outside in, and open up for the love of your life to turn up. Chances are they will, just like that.

Including 12 fun and easy to follow step by step checklists to attracting love, this book is a wonderful companion on the journey towards the relationship of your dreams.

Some of the key areas covered in this book:

  • How Feng Shui can help you attract love
  • How to create lasting change from the outside in
  • What clutter is and what it does to you
  • How to develop a mindset for attracting love
  • Life Design techniques for loving yourself and your home
  • Creating a vision for love

Buy the eBook in Amazon’s Kindle Store:

I’m currently only selling the eBook on Amazon. If you want a paper copy, please send me a message here and let me know and I’ll hook you up!

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