Five Must-Do Feng Shui Tips for your Home

I have a great article featured in the Innersense – Inspired Living Magazine’s March issue 2012 on how to get started with Feng Shui. Just a few simple tips that will make a big difference in your home. You don’t need any special products or anything to follow these tips, just get started straight away!

You can check out the online e-magazie here: Innersense – Inspired Living Magazine March issue 2012, or read the full article below. Enjoy!


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy on creating balanced environments and harmonious energies. In this article I will share with you some of my top tips that will make your home inviting, balanced and relaxing. That is what most of my customers want and what I imagine you want in your home too. You may be surprised at just how much difference you can make by applying these simple principles.

Make your entrance welcoming

The entrance of your home represents opportunities coming into your life and is a reflection of your ability to create wealth while living in this home. Keep your entrance light, welcoming, free of clutter and easy to find from the street. Place a picture or representation of what you want to attract into your life opposite your front door, so that it’s the first thing you see coming home.

Create a positive flow of energy (Qi)

A flow of positive energy (Qi) in your home will help you create a balanced, peaceful and happy environment. Qi should move around in a slow, meandering and steady flow. This is best created by placing beautiful objects and furniture in your home in a position that invites energy to linger. I find it helps to look at Qi as if it were a child. What would most entice a child to move from one place to another whilst exploring and discovering your home? Think interesting furniture, colours, textures, light…

Set up your bedroom for great sleep

Your bedroom is your haven where you can relax and recuperate. Keep it free from clutter and leave any “busy work” outside your bedroom door. This means no book shelves, no work desks, no computers etc. Never, ever charge your mobile phone on your night stand or use your phone as your alarm clock. Make sure your bed head is up against a solid wall and that you can see the bedroom door clearly when lying in bed. Avoid mirrors in the bedroom as they disturb your sleep.

Steer clear of clutter

Clutter weighs on your mind and creates stagnant energy where it is accumulated. In my opinion it kills the spirit of your home. There is no place you can put clutter without it affecting you! We are all energetically connected to everything we own. Clutter is like constantly dragging your past around with you, so let it go.

A great rule of thumb is a yearly Spring clean. Go over everything you own and really look at it. Ask yourself: do I love it? do I use it? do I need it? If the answer is no, get rid of it.

Avoid EMFs (Electro Magnetic Fields)

All electrical appliances create EMFs, as long as they are plugged into the wall. Modern studies have linked a variety of diseases with to spending time in EMFs, such as childhood leukaemia, other cancers (including brain tumours), clinical depression, suicide, miscarriages and Alzheimer’s disease. The best way to avoid EMFs is distance. Keep at least two meters away from your TV, never watch the food being heated in the microwave and avoid electrical appliances in your bedroom altogether.

That’s it! If you follow these five steps you are on your way to a healthy, balanced and happy home that feels good! Enjoy the process and good luck!

To your health,



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