Feng Shui Friday – Clean out your sock drawer

How is this related to Feng Shui I hear you ask? Let me tell you – it is!

Clutter is one of the worst enemies we can encounter when creating positive flow of Qi (energy). Why is that? It gets in the way, it weighs the energy down and it generally stops the flow. Not just the Qi flow, but also the flow of ideas, the flow of opportunities, the flow of inspiration and ability to take action. Clutter creates a negative, heavy and messy feeling wherever it is present. And it doesn’t work hiding it away behind closed doors or in shut drawers. The clutter is till there. And you know it!

I believe we’re all here to create something magical, wonderful and worthwhile. We’re here to give value to the people around us, our community, the world and ourselves. And clutter gets in the way of us doing that.

You might have a great idea that you’ve never actioned. You might have promised your kids you would do something for them. Or maybe your parents? Or you have a strict deadline, and still can’t seem to find the motivation to get to work. So you’re stuck in one way or another. You don’t know where to begin. You don’t know where to turn for inspiration…

There is an easy solution! Clean or declutter something! It can be anything really.

I always suggest starting with your sock drawer. Why is that? It’s normally not a very big task. Most people haven’t done it in years. It may take you 15-30 minutes at the most and the result is amazing. You will not believe how such a small thing can make you feel so good and so light!

So there’s my tip for today. Whenever you’re stuck – clean or declutter something. This will bring in new ideas, fresh energy and it will inspire you to keep going. It’s a simple concept. And it works.

Happy Feng Shui Friday!



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