Feng Shui Friday – Are plants at your front door ok?

I had a consultation this week with a lovely young mum of two, let’s call her Ann. She took me around the house and we chatted about the home, her kids and the health situation in the family etc.

Eventually we came to the front door of the home from the outside. Ann stopped and said to me that she used to have two beautiful green pot plants here, one on either side of the door. Then she told me that one of her mum’s friends had convinced her to not have these plants there as it was “bad Feng Shui”.

Ann misses the plants and said to me she feels like the entrance looks a lot more sterile and boring without them. And I must admit it did look a little bare and all the same colour.

I come across things like tis all the time when working with Feng Shui. There is so much misconception and superstition around it out there that sometimes I can’t believe what I hear!

There is nothing in Feng Shui saying that you cannot or should not have green plants at your entrance. In fact, plants have a positive effect on chi and their environment and as such are very well suited to be placed at the front door generally speaking. There are of course exceptions from that general rule. Depending on the flying stars Feng Shui at the front door you may be better off putting a different type of element there, such as a live water feature or a metal ornament. However, placing plants at your front door will not have a negative impact on your home and does not represent anything unfortunate.

Of course the plants need to look good, be healthy and kept tidy. Dead plants are a no-no. I also would not recommend a cactus or anything with sharp spikes on it to be placed at your front door, or anywhere in the house for that matter. Apart from that, go for it!

So I told Ann she could put her plants back and she was very happy to hear that!

If you have been told that something in particular is “bad Feng Shui” I’d love to hear about it. Please feel free to share!

Happy Feng Shui Friday!




4 thoughts on “Feng Shui Friday – Are plants at your front door ok?

  1. Kathryn says:

    Someone who does Fen Shui consults told me that having urn shaped planters with spiral topiaries on either side of my front door is bad. That symmetry represents death. I still want them, but am considering adding additional, smaller planters of flowers tot he right side of the door. My door is new and stained a light to medium red oak. It has a brass knob, pull and will have a brass dolphin door knocker, as I hate door bells. What do you think?

    • Sara says:

      Hi Kathryn, thanks for an interesting question! In my point of view there is a lot of superstition out there in the world of Feng Shui. Being a westerner trained by a western Feng Shui teacher I have a very practical and simple approach to these things. If you like it and it makes you happy – do it! It sounds like you are creating a lovely, warm and welcoming entrance. Adding some extra flowers would be ok in my opinion, if you are doing it because it looks and feels better to you. If the only reason you’re putting them there is to avoid this situation that “represents death” then I wouldn’t do it. In that case having the extra flowers there would only remind you that you put them there to avoid something in the first place, not because you wanted them there. I hope that makes sense? So from my perspective, go ahead and set up the urn shaped planters with spiral topiaries, and add the extra flowers if you want to. Let me know how you go, and if you’re up for it, I’d love to see a picture once you’re done! Best of luck, Sara

  2. maryvid says:

    Hi, we have three cypress trees at the back left side of our yard. They are getting large and starting to merge into one another. I thought it could look really fun if I trimmed each of them into a corkscrew shape with a heavy wide bottom. As this is the money side of the yard I was worried that the corkscrew shape may be bad luck like spiral staircase’s are. The thought occurred that maybe rather than luck spiraling down they would elevate luck upwards. What would be your opinion? Mary

    • Sara says:

      Hi Mary, interesting question for sure. I don’t actually practice BTB, or Black Hat Sect, Feng Shui which is the type of Feng Shui that uses the bagua you are referring to with wealth being at the back left corner of your yard. I’m a very strong believer though that each person knows their home best, and if you believe that the corkscrew shape of the cypresses will spiral luck down, they will. That’s the sense I get too. And I’m actually not trained in this form of Feng Shui. Maybe try and find a practitioner who practices BTB Feng Shui and ask them? Good luck! Sara

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