Compass Directions – Southeast

The Southeast sector of your home represents abundance and wealth. It’s connected to the eldest daughter in the family and the element of wood. The emblem of the Southeast is Wind and the number associated with the Southeast is 4. Any shades of green are favourable colours for this part of your home, and it’s represented by tall and rectangular shapes. The season of spring is connected to the Southeast and in your body it corresponds to your liver and gallbladder as well as your thighs and buttocks.

This kind of information is useful if you are experiencing any issues in any of the areas mentioned above, or you want to create extra support in your life for these areas. If that’s the case it can pay off to take a closer look at the Southeast sector of your home.

For example, a bathroom in this sector will have a draining effect on the eldest daughter in the family as well as your overall abundance and wealth. A stove or fireplace here can mean that these areas of your life are over-active and you can tend to feel burnt out by them, or you are “burning through” your money. To rectify these situations ideally you should move the bathroom or fireplace, which of course most often you cannot do. Instead you can create extra support for the eldest daughter by helping her to de-stress or by helping her in managing her abundance and wealth. It’s also important for everyone in the home to counteract these situations with taking extra care of your abundance and wealth. Watch your thoughts in these areas closely and change them if they are not serving you.

Clutter in the Southeast sector of your home will create a barrier around your abundance and ability to create wealth. Clutter is attracted to the areas of your life you feel burdened by or don’t want to look at. If you find clutter in this sector of your home, subconsciously you are working against your ability to create abundance and attract wealth. If this bothers you and you want to change it, start clearing the clutter in this part of your home, and you will soon find that you start attracting new opportunities into your life and you feel more abundant and might even get a pay raise or some new clients or projects in the door.

If this part of your home is missing, or partially missing, you may experience that it’s hard to think and act abundantly or that wealth creation is not really going your way. You may even experience specific health issues related to your liver, gallbladder or legs. To counteract this you can place a live water feature or a big wooden statue, a tree or a wooden fence in the Southeast sector of your garden.

What is the Southeast sector of your home telling you?


Feel Good Group - Emblem of the Southeast – Wind

Emblem of the Southeast – Wind.


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