Compass Directions – West

The West sector of your home represents children, creativity, dreams and starting new projects. It’s connected to the youngest daughter in the family and the element of metal. The emblem of the West is a lake and the number associated with the West is 7. Any metal colours and shades of white are favourable colours for this part of your home, and it’s represented by round or dome shapes. The season of autumn is connected to the West and in your body it corresponds to your lungs and colon as well as your teeth and mouth.

This kind of information is useful if you are experiencing any issues in any of the areas mentioned above, or you want to create extra support in your life for these areas. If that’s the case it can pay off to take a closer look at the West sector of your home.

For example, a bathroom in this sector will have a draining effect on the youngest daughter in the family as well as your creativity, ability to dream or start new projects. A stove or fireplace here can mean that these areas of your life are over-active and you can tend to feel burnt out by them, or you are working very hard to keep up with your dreams or projects. To rectify these situations ideally you should move the bathroom or fireplace, which of course most often you cannot do. Instead you can create extra support for the youngest daughter by helping her to de-stress and making sure she is not putting pressure on herself with new projects or creative activities all the time. It’s also important for everyone in the home to counteract these situations with taking extra care to dream and be creative, while not letting new projects or ideas drag you down.

Clutter in the West sector of your home will create a barrier around your creativity, your will and ability to start new projects or ability to dream. It may even affect your chances of physically falling pregnant. Clutter is attracted to the areas of your life you feel burdened by or don’t want to look at. If you find clutter in this sector of your home, subconsciously you are working against your ability to be creative, dream and start new adventures in life. If this bothers you and you want to change it, start clearing the clutter in this part of your home, and you will soon find that you start feeling more excited about starting new projects and your ability to dream and be creative will improve.

If this part of your home is missing, or partially missing, you may experience that you lack in creativity, that you don’t want to take on anything new or that you just don’t feel that excited about your future. You could also be experiencing health issues related to your lungs, colon or mouth and teeth. To counteract this you can place large terracotta pots or a metal ornament of some sort in the West sector of your garden.

What is the West sector of your home showing you about yourself?


Feel Good Group - Emblem of the West - a Lake

Emblem of the West – a Lake.


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