Kung Hei Fat Choi – Happy Chinese New Year!

Today is Chinese New Year’s eve. This day (31 January 2014) marks the end of the year of the Water Snake and the beginning of the year of the Wood Horse. What does that mean? Well, as far as I understand it, it means that a year of “growing pains”, or “shedding the old skin”, of “getting rid of what no longer serves us” is (finally, I hear some say!) over.

Many have had a difficult year in 2013, and I understand that snake years are often like that. It’s about letting go of, and growing through, that which no longer serves me. So that was last year. What about this new year?

This new year, a year of the Horse, is all about moving forward. And with speed! This year might seem like it flies by. So you will be wise to be prepared for that! Align yourself with what you want for 2014 and set about creating it NOW. If you haven’t already set some intentions for this year, I strongly advise you to do so ASAP. Or you risk missing the boat, well, horse! Make sure you’re on board when your horse takes flight!

The year of the horse is about creation, about moving forward confidently, about bringing to life that which you desire.

Isn’t every year like that, you might ask? Well yes and no. Some years, energetically, will be better suited to move forward. While some years will be better for cleaning up and moving on. So it’s helpful to align with those energies for best results.

It’s always easier to “go with the flow” than to fight against it. Those of you who tried to create massive, rapid growth last year might have felt this? You might have felt like everything took forever to happen, like no matter which way you turned, there was something else to fix, to solve, to learn from. Well, that year is over. NOW is the time for moving forward!

According to Chinese Astrology, the animal sign of the Horse is a Fire element. Fire is considered to be Yang in nature and represents action, expression and propelling us forward. The Fire element is related to the Heart, so therefore the year of the horse is all about action and expression from the Heart. Yang Wood is the Heavenly Stem associated with the Horse, and this represents new impulses and opportunities. So be prepared this year for new things to come your way and be ready to take advantage of this energy of moving forward.

Put your wishes, dreams and actions out there. Go for it. Dare to dream BIG!

And remember to always operate from your heart!

With love,

Feel Good Group - 2014 Year of the Wood Horse  - A group of people on horse back trail riding in the sunshine.

Get on that horse and ride into 2014!

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