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Feng Shui Friday – Inside Out or Outside In?

When you want to reach a new goal in your life, or you want to create change, do something different, experience something new… Where do you start? What is the best way to bring about what you want?

Do you start with your own thoughts and actions and from that find a supportive environment to bring about what you desire? Or do you put yourself in a supportive environment first, and from that start developing new thoughts, actions and habits?

Does change occur from the Inside Out or from Outside and In?

The way I see it, Feng Shui is an outer representation of your internal world. What you think, how you feel and your beliefs are represented in your surroundings. The energetic vibration you have within you will resonate with objects and places in your surroundings and you will feel drawn to, and at home with, energies at the same level as those within you. So in some ways, where you live is an external representation of your internal world. Something is drawing you to this home at this moment.

This creates great opportunities to learn from your current home. If you are financially challenged where you live, how do you feel about money on the inside? What are your thoughts and associations with wealth? If you don’t feel supported at work, or in your relationships, did you know that your home can be a catalyst for change in those areas?

For the best possible results using Feng Shui in your home, you also need to support these changes within you. This might mean you need to look at your beliefs around relationships and communication if you want to create a change in those areas, as well as making Feng Shui adjustments in corresponding sections of your home. It’s a little bit “chicken and egg-syndrome”. What comes first? The internal shift, or the external? I believe that it works both ways, and one can be a catalyst for the other. If you feel stuck in one area, create outer change to support yourself in moving forward. If you’re doing great and aligning your thoughts and actions, but not getting the results you want or expect, align your home with your goals and see your results increase.

So there is no one answer to the question I asked, it works both ways. I find this very reassuring. When I am stuck in a thought pattern that doesn’t serve me and what I want to create, I can bring about outer change in the corresponding areas of my home and without fail, I will experience a change in thoughts too. When I do things differently, my internal dialogue and the energetic vibration of my home will change. It’s all connected. After all, everything is energy vibrating a different frequencies. Make sure yours is resonating in sync with your dreams and goals.

Happy Feng Shui Friday!


Feel Good Group - Change

Change ahead!



Feng Shui Friday – “Good” and “Bad” energies

Everything around us is made up of energy resonating at different frequencies. Your heart has a different vibration from your lungs. A tree has a different vibration from a rock. The ocean has a different vibration from a pond. One room in your home will have a different vibration from another.

Personally I don’t like using the terminology “good” and “bad” when it comes to energies. I know a lot of people do. I am a firm believer that when it comes to energy it just is. It doesn’t have a “good” or “bad” intention. It just is. However I do believe that there are energies that do good and energies that have the potential to do harm. The energies where you spend time can be either supportive or unsupportive of you and what you want to achieve in that space.

If an energy around you is resonating at the same frequency as say your kidneys, this energy has the potential to affect your kidneys. If the vibration is out of balance, guess what happens to your kidneys? And guess what happens the more time you spend in that energy field? This is one of the basic principles behind geomancy and many studies conducted on how the energies from within the earth affects the human body.

There is also more and more research being done on microwaves and radio waves and the effect these frequencies have on the human body. That’s a whole separate blog on its own!

Back to the subtle energies within your home.

When I do my Feng Shui consultations I often find that people sleep in a perfect home office or work out of a great bedroom. We tend to use the rooms in our homes as they are labelled on the floor plan, or according to size. The master bedroom has to be the biggest one, right? Sometimes I come across someone who is sleeping in the best bedroom from a Feng Shui perspective even if it doesn’t make sense from a floor plan point of view. Always when I ask them they will tell me: “It just feels better sleeping in here” or “I could never sleep in the master bedroom”, or words to that effect. These people are connected to the energies around them, often without even realising it.

Some people are more susceptive to the subtle energies around us than others. Take myself and my husband for example. He sleeps well wherever we are, whereas I will toss and turn or be woken up by the tiniest sound if I’m in an unbalanced bedroom. So there are definitely personal differences to take into consideration as well. Some people will be more affected by the energy around them than others.

Working with Feng Shui my job is to make sure all areas of a building are resonating in harmony. I do that by recommending what room to use for which purposes and also any smaller adjustments that will bring balance to that room. Creating balance can be as easy as using a specific colour or ornament, moving furniture or changing the way the room is used.

If you feel that a room in your home is “off” in some way, try using it for another purpose. Swap your office and bedroom around and see what happens. Move your couch, use a new colour scheme, add some fresh flowers. Small changes like that can have a dramatic effect.

If you are worried or suspect that your home is having a negative impact on you, or if you can feel that this is the case, get a professional in to help you. Don’t wait or think that “things will get better”. You can save yourself much headache and problems down the track by addressing the issue now.

I recommend using a qualified Feng Shui consultant as your first point of call. Check their credentials, ask what schools they are trained in and where they got their qualifications. Question them around geomancy and if this is something they are familiar with. Are they trained in modern Feng Shui, will they measure EMFs (electro magnetic fields) during the consultation?

You can find a list of qualified consultants via the different self-regulating Feng Shui associations found all over the world. In Australia we have the Association of Feng Shui Consultants and International Feng Shui Association – Australia Chapter who lists Feng Shui consultants with proper education and credentials to help you. I’m a member of the AFSC and in the process of applying for membership in the IFSA as well.

Let me know if I can help you find a consultant in your area or if you have any questions on where to start creating balance in your home.

Happy Feng Shui Friday!


Feel Good Group - Good and Bad energies

Batman vs The Joker – a well known battle between “good” and “bad”.


Feng Shui Friday – Raise your vibration for x-mas

Christmas is coming… Wether you like it or not! This can be a very stressful time of the year for many. Having your home in order and balance before the holidays can certainly help in keeping the peace and avoiding the stress as much as possible.

Here are some easy to implement tips you can use to prepare for the holiday season.

  1. Declutter. Clean out your wardrobes, kitchen cupboards and linen closets. This is a great way to get some fresh, balanced energy into your home. Get rid of things you don’t like or don’t use and feel the energy vibrations rise!
  2. Take time out for you. This might seem impossible with everything else that you will be doing. It doesn’t need to take long and it will be so worth it. Get up 10 minutes early and sit outside and meditate, or just look at what is around you. Take a bath at night. Sit at the beach and watch the waves for 5 minutes… Turn off your phone and go for a walk. You get the idea.
  3. Write lists. Get a piece of paper or use a computer program or an app and write down everything that is in your head that you need to/want to get done. Brain dump randomly as things come up and then structure it and date it. That way you can see what you need to focus on every day and you don’t have to remember and stress about it in your head.
  4. Let things go. You don’t have to be perfect. Your house doesn’t need to be perfect. Decide what you don’t need to do and let it go. One of my favourites that I gave up years ago is Christmas cards, I just don’t do them anymore, and I have so much more time on my hands and the stress has lifted! What is that one thing that is not necessary that you can just simply stop doing?
  5. Keep it simple. You don’t have to make all the dishes that your grandmother used to cook for Christmas. You don’t have to decorate the whole house and garden and street… In fact, think like this: you don’t really have to do anything! Ask for help with food and other preparations. Delegate what you can.
  6. Get professional help. You don’t have to fix everything yourself. Get a handyman in to mend the fence, fix the fly screens or move the wardrobes. Bring a gardener in to make your back yard look fabulous. These services are often not as expensive as you might think and hiring someone to do the job can often save you both time and money in the end anyway.
  7. Have fun! If something is simply adding stress and is not fun or beneficial in any other way (and no, brownie points with the in-laws in not a benefit really) then don’t do it. You deserve to have a great time. You can be in charge of that actually happening.

That’s it. Really it’s about being prepared and giving yourself a break. It is not worth it to stress and try and be perfect/get it right/make everybody happy. That’s not going to happen anyway, no matter how hard you work. So give it up! Take time out to relax and smell the roses. Look after you! Life is going on right now.

I’d love to hear what you’re letting go of this Christmas!

Happy Feng Shui Friday!


Feel Good Group - x-mas list

Be prepared for Christmas!


Feng Shui Friday – Mirror, mirror on the wall…

… where is the best place to put ya’ll?

According to Feng Shui mirrors will bring you more of what they reflect. They will also bring into the space what you can see in them. This is good to keep in mind when deciding where to place them in your home.


Good places for mirrors

  • You can place a mirror in a long hallway to invite Qi to slow down and linger a bit longer.
  • A mirror on the wall of a dark room reflecting a window will help bring natural light into the space.
  • It’s ideal to place a mirror reflecting your dinner table as this will bring you abundance (reflecting the food) and great relationships (reflecting the people around the table).
  • Place a mirror anywhere in your home where you want to bring the outdoors in and make sure the mirror is reflecting only what it is you love (so not the neighbours wall or windows for example).
  • On the wall above your stove so that you can see the kitchen behind you if you have your back to the room when cooking. This will give you a sense of control and calmness.
  • On the wall in front of you at work if you sit with your back to the door or rest of the room. A small mirror where you can see what is going on behind your back will give you a sense of security and control at work. Try it!
  • When you want to make a small room look bigger and more spacious.

A good couple of questions to ask yourself when you look at what is reflected in the mirrors of your home is:

  • do I like what I see?
  • do I want more of what I see?

Of course there are some places where mirrors are not so great according to Feng Shui as well.


Not so good places for mirrors

  • Directly opposite your front door. This will reflect Qi, opportunities and visitors away from your home.
  • In a position where it reflects something you don’t like or find ugly (like the neighbours fence).
  • Where it reflects a toilet, bathroom or laundry. This will bring the energy of these rooms into your living space. Keep the doors to your wet rooms closed if this is the case.
  • Reflecting a staircase.
  • In your bedroom. Let’s expand on that one.


Mirrors in the bedroom

If you can see your own reflection in a mirror while in bed, this is not great from a Feng Shui perspective. There a few explanations as to why.

According to traditional Feng Shui a mirror in the bedroom is not recommended as it is said that your soul leaves the body while you sleep, and if the soul sees its own reflection in a mirror it might get startled. This will cause disturbed and disrupted sleep patterns. Also a mirror in the bedroom can be harmful to your relationships, especially if it is placed directly opposite the bed. A mirror reflecting a couple in bed is said to bring the energy of a third party into your intimate relationship. Something most of us don’t want.

I actually don’t know ho much of the traditional Feng Shui point of view on mirrors is true. Some might find the above too airy-fairy, and I can understand that.

What I do know is that several of my clients, myself included, has had great success by moving or covering mirrors in the bedroom in the form of improved quality of sleep in different ways.

I have actually “come up” with a more modern explanation as to what might be going on when your body is reflected in a mirror while sleeping. This is what I think.

As humans we have this “animal part” of us. Some like to call it our subconscious. Some like to call it the primal part of our brain. Whatever term you like to use, the focus of this part of us is to keep us alive. That’s it. This part never sleeps. It never stops working. It never completely stops keeping track of what is going on around us. Have you heard that you subconsciously can learn new things while you are sleeping? That’s the part I’m talking about.

Now imagine you have this part of you that is looking after your survival. This part is awake while you are asleep. This part sees something moving in the dark in your bedroom. It’s ready for fight or flight, whatever it needs to so to keep you alive. You’re not awake to explain to this part that “oh, that’s just my reflection in the bedroom mirror, nothing to worry about”. So this part is keeping track of you in the mirror all night while you are supposed to rest and recuperate. So instead of peaceful sleep, you have disrupted sleep, being prepared at any time to defend yourself against whatever it is that is moving around out there… Exhausting!

What I recommend all my clients is to make sure that they are not reflected in a mirror while lying in bed.

If you have a stand alone mirror this is easy to address. Just move the mirror so that it is no longer reflecting you on bed, or cover it with a beautiful blanket or pashmina. If you,like many people these days, have mirrored built-ins in your bedroom, you can either change the doors out (expensive) or cover them up. Some people use wall paper or sheet paper. What I have successfully done before is to put up a curtain rod in front of the built-in and hang curtains or drapes. That way you can close the curtains/drapes at night while sleeping and open them during the day when you might want to check your outfit or bring more light into the room.

As always, I hope this is helpful information. Have fun with checking out the mirrors in your home and please do get in touch if you have any questions. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

Happy Feng Shui Friday!


Feel Good Group - Kitten becomes a lion in the mirror

How you see yourself matters!


Feng Shui Friday – Email about “Money Bags” is just a hoax

There are several emails circulating relating to a topic around “money bags” and that according to Chinese Feng Shui you need to forward that email to receive money within 4 days, or go without money if you don’t forward. The Facebook version urges you to copy the post as your status to get the money, and if you don’t copy you’ll miss out.

One of the emails I received recently is copied FYI below:

“This year, December has 5 Saturdays, 5 Sundays and 5 Mondays. This happens once every 823 years. This is called money bags. So, forward this to your friends and money will arrive within 4 days. Based on Chinese Feng Shui the one who does not forward ….. will be without money.”

Here’s the deal. This is not Feng Shui! Forwarding the email or copying the status will not make you wealthy or bring in more money. It’s a hoax. Simple as that. So don’t be afraid to simply delete the email and save your friends from yet another chain email they don’t need. And I’m sure you have more interesting things to put as your status on Facebook.

So let’s explore for a bit… Is there any truth at all in this and what is the connection to Feng Shui?

Let’s look at December 2012 first of all. The message claims that December has 5 Saturdays, 5 Sundays and 5 Mondays only every 823 years. So yes, for for December 2012, there are 5 Saturdays, 5 Sundays and 5 Mondays this year. This is correct. The fact that it happens only every 823 years though is simply not true.

December will have 5 Saturdays, 5 Sundays and 5 Mondays every year December begins on a Saturday. This happens every 5 – 11 years. So December will have 5 Saturdays, 5 Sundays and 5 Mondays again in 6 years, then 11 years after that, then 6 years later and finally 5 years after that (due to the leap years in the calendar, otherwise it would have been every 7 years). So December will have 5 Saturdays, 5 Sundays and 5 Mondays in 2012, then 2018, then 2029, then 2035 and then again in 2040. The last time December had 5 Saturdays, 5 Sundays and 5 Mondays was in 2007.

So yes it’s a little rare, and not every 823 years rare!

Now, let’s look at the actual money bags. There is a “money bag” symbol in ancient Feng Shui and it has got to do with the Happiness Buddha. He is said to carry a money bag over his shoulder from which he hands out gifts. There is also a money bag lucky charm that you can make. Take 9 coins and wrap in a piece of cloth and tie the cloth together with a piece of ribbon. Red cloth and ribbon would be best, and you could also use green or gold. Place the money bag where you receive money in your house. So if you make your money online for example, you could place the money bag by your computer.

Personally, I do believe in lucky charms (or talismans) to a certain extent, and I think you’d have to infuse your lucky charm with a lot of energy for it to really have an impact.

From a Feng Shui perspective there are other things that you can do around your house to attract wealth and abundance. Here are just a few suggestions:

  1. Keep your entrance open, welcoming and free of clutter. Positive energy and opportunities enter through the front door, and an unattractive door repels abundance.
  2. Align your thoughts with abundance. The energetic vibration you put out into the world is very important when it comes to attracting opportunities and money into your life.
  3. Clear the rest of your house from clutter as well. Clutter weighs on your mind and keeps you stuck. It hinders the flow of energy in your life.
  4. Replace dead plants. Dead plants represent dead energy, replace them with healthy living plants to symbolise expanding and growing wealth and prosperity.
  5. Fix drips and leaks. Leaking water represents leaking wealth, fix your leaks and you will keep money from draining out of your life.
  6. Replace any broken furniture and other items, or get them fixed. Broken items signal a lack of care and carry an inauspicious energy.
  7. Keep your windows clean. Windows are the eyes of your home and when they are dirty your vision is blurred, clean them and you will see clearly again.

So there you go! Delete that email and get to work on something that will really support your wealth and abundance.

Happy Feng Shui Friday!


Feel Good Group - Happiness Buddha

A Happiness Buddha carrying a money bag. Unfortunately the money bags message is a hoax.


Feng Shui Friday – What is “good Feng Shui”?

I get this question all the time… “Is this/that good Feng Shui”? And of course it’s counter part: “I’ve heard that this/that is really bad Feng Shui?”

There are of course some “ground rules” (or general principles) for what constitutes good Feng Shui. For example, sitting with your back to a solid wall, facing into the room and being able to see the door from where you sit is great Feng Shui for your work desk.

Having your bed head up against a solid wall (that is not shared with a bathroom), being able to see the door to your bedroom while lying in bed is also good Feng Shui.

To have a live water feature in your current wealth sector is great for your finances and general abundance.

And there are many, many more examples like this where general Feng Shui principles apply. They apply to everyone in every situation and they are guidelines that I certainly use in my work and inform my clients about in a consultation.

Then there are the other things that people ask me, like “I’ve heard it’s really bad Feng Shui to have a picture of XYZ in the living room.” Or “You can’t have a XYZ ornament in the kitchen, can you?” And “My friend said that I need to place a green plant in XYZ place to attract abundance”.

When it comes to things like this, there is a lot of superstition and misinformation out there on what is “good” and “bad” Feng Shui. Most people really don’t know and most things that I hear don’t apply at all in the world of Feng Shui. So take people’s well meant advice with a grain of salt.

Regarding decorating your home, I’m a firm believer in individuality. If you love that picture in your living room, then keep it there! What does it matter if someone else doesn’t like it? What does it matter even if I as your Feng Shui consultant don’t like it? You like it, you keep it! It is after all your home and only you can decide what a picture means to you, what feelings you get when looking at it and what it represents in your world. That is not up to anyone else to decide or even have an opinion on.

Are there general meanings and representations in pictures and photos? Yes, there are. And still, in my opinion, how you feel and what a photo or piece of art represents to you as a person is much more important than any general representation according to Feng Shui principles.

So if you want to attract abundance, put a photo/picture/ornament that represents abundance to you in a place where you see if often and where it “feels right” to you. (It is always good to place pictures of what you want to attract into your life inside your front door.) If you want to know for sure that you place pictures and ornaments in the most supportive spot, then you might want to use a professional Feng Shui consultant to do the complete energetic map (Flying Star Chart) of your home to tell you exactly where you are best off placing them.

Other than that, go with what feels good to you and what makes you happy! Most people get a lot of it “right” by intuitively doing what feel best anyway. Trust your gut and decorate your home so that it makes your heart sing!

Happy Feng Shui Friday!


Feel Good Group - Is this abundance?

Does this picture represent Abundance? Maybe it does to some of you with its lush, green rainforest and flowing water. Maybe to others it represents calmness? Only you can decide!

Feng Shui Friday – enjoy the sunshine!

Kick your shoes off, spread your toes out, breathe deeply and relax… Look at the sky, the clouds and take in whatever is around you. Enjoy just being, even for a little while. Use your senses. What can you smell? See? Hear? Taste? Touch? Plug in to your surroundings today and let go of everything for a little while. Give yourself permission to just stop for a second. Just be you.

Happy Feng Shui Friday!



Feel Good Group - Enjoy the sunshine!

Enjoy the sunshine!



Feng Shui Friday – Would you want a 20% increase in some area of your life right now?

Yes! I hear you say. Who wouldn’t want to be paid another 20% for doing the same job? Or show me a business owner who wouldn’t want to increase their bottom line with another 20%. If you could be 20% stronger or faster, would you want to? If you could have 20% better health? 20% more time to do what you want to do in life? Most people want those extra 20% and would be very happy about it.

I’m not going to tell you to do “this weird and wonderful one Feng Shui thing and see what you want come flowing to you”. I don’t believe that it’s as simple as that. However I do believe that you can create this extra 20% for yourself by using Feng Shui for your home and/or workplace.

Let me explain.

According to Feng Shui there are three so called “lucks” that work together to form an individual’s life; Man luck, Heaven luck and Earth luck. These are very important concepts to understand as they explain why your life currently is the way that it is.

Feng Shui comes in under Earth luck which is all about your environment and how that effects your everyday life. It’s said that living and working in a supportive environment represents 20% of why your life is the way that it is. This applies to your money and wealth, and it also relates to your health, relationships, dreams and other goals as well. It really is about attracting all of what you want into your life.

So if it’s true that making changes to your environment can give you a 20% boost to whatever you’re currently working on, wouldn’t it be worth giving it a go? Wouldn’t you be interested in finding out how that could work for you?

With Feng Shui there is no one size fits all solution. Unfortunately I cannot tell you to “put a green plant in your wealth corner” and money will flow to you. Or to “put two pink candles in your relationship corner to attract the perfect partner”. I hear about these weird misconceptions of what Feng Shui is all the time and all the do’s and don’ts that go with it.

That stuff doesn’t work.

In my experience, the only thing that really works is to get a personalised consultation done for your home or office where all recommendations are specifically targeted to your space and the energy within it. You need to know what is going on on an energetic level and how to best support your space to be the best that it can be. Once you set your home or office up like this you are tapping into those extra 20%. You are going places!

Find a Feng Shui consultant that you feel comfortable working with. You are going to get quite close and personal with this individual for the consultation to be of value to you. Ask about their credentials, where did they train? How long was their education? What modalities of Feng Shui do they practise? Check out their website and testimonials from previous clients and have a chat to them over the phone. If all this checks out, book yourself in for a consultation and get access to your 20% energy boost in life!

If you have any questions on how to choose a consultant, where to look and what to ask, please get in touch. I’m happy to help.

Happy Feng Shui Friday – here’s to your 20% increase of whatever it is that you want!



Feel Good Group - Feng Shui is 20% of why your life is the way that it is

Feng Shui is 20% of why your life is the way that it is.



Feng Shui Friday – Are plants at your front door ok?

I had a consultation this week with a lovely young mum of two, let’s call her Ann. She took me around the house and we chatted about the home, her kids and the health situation in the family etc.

Eventually we came to the front door of the home from the outside. Ann stopped and said to me that she used to have two beautiful green pot plants here, one on either side of the door. Then she told me that one of her mum’s friends had convinced her to not have these plants there as it was “bad Feng Shui”.

Ann misses the plants and said to me she feels like the entrance looks a lot more sterile and boring without them. And I must admit it did look a little bare and all the same colour.

I come across things like tis all the time when working with Feng Shui. There is so much misconception and superstition around it out there that sometimes I can’t believe what I hear!

There is nothing in Feng Shui saying that you cannot or should not have green plants at your entrance. In fact, plants have a positive effect on chi and their environment and as such are very well suited to be placed at the front door generally speaking. There are of course exceptions from that general rule. Depending on the flying stars Feng Shui at the front door you may be better off putting a different type of element there, such as a live water feature or a metal ornament. However, placing plants at your front door will not have a negative impact on your home and does not represent anything unfortunate.

Of course the plants need to look good, be healthy and kept tidy. Dead plants are a no-no. I also would not recommend a cactus or anything with sharp spikes on it to be placed at your front door, or anywhere in the house for that matter. Apart from that, go for it!

So I told Ann she could put her plants back and she was very happy to hear that!

If you have been told that something in particular is “bad Feng Shui” I’d love to hear about it. Please feel free to share!

Happy Feng Shui Friday!

Feel Good Group - JadeTree




Feng Shui Friday – “What you think about you bring about”

I think that it’s pretty well accepted these days that what we think and how we act create our reality. Our mind is a very powerful tool and it can help us get more of what we want, or it can help us get more of what we don’t want. The choice is ours.

According to the movie “The Secret”, the Law of attraction is always working. If we take the point of view that this is true, then whatever you think about, you will create in your life.

So if you worry about not having enough money, you will not have enough money. If you constantly tell yourself that you’re tired, you will feel tired. If you tell yourself every time you come home that you don’t like where you live, you will never feel at home there. You get the drift.

On the other hand, if you think about things that you want, things that make you happy, you will be attracting more of that to you.

On an energetic level there is something going on here. I can’t explain it. There are lots of people claiming to have found “THE secret” to creating the life of your dreams. Many of them sell you courses, literature, coaching seminars, videos etc. etc. showing you “exactly how to do it”. That’s all well and good. Except that I don’t think there is ONE way that will suit everybody. We all process information differently and different ways and techniques will suit some people and not others. I think the problem is this – people will buy the stuff and never actually do anything with it.

It can be so much simpler than that. Monitor your own thoughts and work on changing them out to things that serve you. And then ACT on these positive thoughts. DO something! I’m not an expert at this in any way, and I’m chipping away at it. I’m getting there. I see the changes happening for people after I have helped them set up their homes to be supportive of their health, wealth and relationships. I see the outer change in their environment help propel the inner change forward.

I read through an old journal of mine a couple of days ago. A journal that I wrote over one long weekend in September 2003. It was a self development course that I did at that time and the focus was on letting go of what no longer was serving me and then looking to the future and what I wanted to create.

This is what I wrote: “I want to live in a house by the beach and have a career that I find fulfilling and that is of service and help to others”.

Nine years later. Here I am. I live in Manly, I have a 2 minute walk to one of the world’s most beautiful beaches (at least I think so!) and I work as a Feng Shui consultant which I find very fulfilling and it certainly helps people. So that worked.

Did I have doubts along the way? Yes. Did I focus on this and think positively about it all the time? No. Most of the time I have not been actively thinking about it at all.

And yet, here I am.

So have a look at where you are today and reflect back on how you got there. What did you do and what didn’t you do to create the life that you have? And be aware that your thoughts have power and that this power is real. And know that your home can energetically support you in making your dreams come true.

Love your home and show it!

What comes up for you when reading this? Please share.

Happy Feng Shui Friday!


Feel Good Group - Manly

PS. The course that I did and that really suited me is called the isa Experience. You can check it out here.