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Get good vibrations – Article in Women’s Fitness

I’m so excited to be featured in the September 2014 issue of Women’s Fitness magazine! Out of a lot of information I gave them on Feng Shui, these are the tips they chose to put in print.

The text below is a direct copy of the article.

Harmonise your home with a few lessons in feng shui
Who needs a big-budget reno? We asked Sara Allard, founder of FeelGood Feng Shui (feelgoodfengshui.com), for simple tips for creating a happier home.

Clear the clutter
Not only does your junk slow energy down, it can cause blockages and lead to missed opportunities, says Allard. “If you feel the need to get moving forward, clearing clutter is a great place to start.”

Fill it with love
“When a room is out of balance we often don’t want to spend time there,” says Allard. To banish the bad vibes, surround yourself with things you really love. “Fix things that are broken and get rid of stuff you don’t use,” she says.

Use mirrors wisely
The wrong placement of mirrors can send your positive energy out the window – literally – and disturb sleep. “Cover bedroom mirrors at night, and never place a mirror opposite your front door,” instructs Allard, as this will repel energy and fortune.

Let the outdoors in
Boost the positive energy in your home and help purify the air with a few indoor plants. If your thumb isn’t so green, open some windows to let the air and ‘chi’ flow freely.

The right shade
Choose colours carefully. “For a calm room, such as a bedroom, use cool colours like greens and blues,” says Allard. “For an active room, vibrant reds and yellows will keep the positive energy pumping.”

If you find this interesting and want to know more about what you can do in your own home, get in touch and I’d be happy to help!


Feel Good Group in Women's Fitness Magazine - September 2014

Feel Good Group in Women’s Fitness Magazine – September 2014

What is this “energy” you speak of?

I was met with an awesome challenge a couple of weeks back. I was in a conversation with people who are not yet “believers”. What I mean by that is that when they asked me what I do, and I answered that I work with Feng Shui and the energy in people’s surroundings, they just stared at me blankly. And the awesome thing was that they both said to me “I don’t understand what that means”.

So I love a good challenge and instead of going down the track of deciding these people were difficult and didn’t want to get me, I really understood that the way I was communicating what I do didn’t make sense to them. So how to explain it?

What I said was this; “You know the feeling you get sometimes when you walk into someone’s home and it just feels really nice? Compare that to a time when you’ve visited a friend, relative or even a workplace and it just feels wrong. You don’t feel welcome, and if you could, you would prefer to turn around and walk back out.”

They both agreed they had had experiences like that.

And so I said that there is something there, something that you tune into, something your body and consciousness feels that you cannot explain with rational thought. You get a gut-feeling of some sort.

And that’s when the lights went on! The gut feeling. This they understood, it made sense to them. And it was great, I was then able to connect with them and talk about Feng Shui and energy with words that they could connect to, relate to and understand.

What this experience taught me is that it’s never the other person’s fault if they don’t understand me. It’s my responsibility to be curious enough to continue asking and explaining until they “get it”. If I want people to be interested in what I do, I have to talk to them using words that they resonate with and can relate to.

So next time I’m feeling misunderstood, I will remember that maybe I haven’t been curious enough to really explain how I feel, or what is going on. Maybe I haven’t done everything I can to find words, experiences or common ground to relate to the other person. And I will look for ways to improve my communication so that they “get me”.

See, from the experience above, I learned so much more about myself and what I do and I now have a new way to explain to people how “this thing works”. That’s so very useful.

Where could you do with some new ways of explaining what goes on for you? Take some time to put new words on it and see how that works out. Have fun!


Feel Good Group - A picture of a light bulb. Caption: What is this "energy" you speak of?

What is this “energy” you speak of?