Feng Shui Friday – Top 5 Tips for Abundance

Contrary to common belief there actually is no one “wealth corner” in you home. So If you ever hear someone talking about “activating my wealth corner” (often this is associated with placing a green plant in said “corner”) they may be barking up the wrong tree.

In traditional Feng Shui, there are actually a few areas of your home that represent and reflect your wealth and abundance. I have listed these below with some cereal tips and ideas what to look for and what to do to improve your ability to attract abundance and wealth.


1.The South East sector of your home or office

The South East compass sector of your home or office is related to wealth and abundance. Look at what is located in this area of your building. Do you have a bathroom, toilet or laundry here? This indicates that you might be feeling like money is going down the drain, or that there is a never ending flow of money going out. Ideally you would want an active area of your home or business in this compass sector to support the energy of abundance.


2. The front of your home or office

The front of your home or office represents opportunities. It is very important that your building looks welcoming from the street, and that the way in is easy to find. If it’s not easy to find your entrance, Qi (energy) will have difficulty finding its way to you and as a result so will opportunities. As a follow on from that, if you cannot attract opportunities into your life or business, you also cannot attract opportunities to make money, get a pay rise, have new customers come through your door etc. You get the drift!


3. The entrance of your home or office

The entrance of your home or office relates specifically to the opportunities you have to do well financially while living or working in this building. To really know what is going on in this part of a building you would need to have a Feng Shui consultation tailored specifically to you your home or office conducted by a consultant trained in Flying Stars Feng Shui.

By analysing the Feng Shui of your entrance a trained consultant can get a very good idea of what can be done to support your finances in the best possible way. If you are currently challenged in this area, making changes around your entrance can be the catalyst you need to get unstuck. If you’re already doing great, then supporting your successes energetically can propel you even further forward.

No matter what else may be recommended, an easy to find entrance with lots of light, no clutter and a general welcoming feeling is paramount for attracting wealth and opportunities into your life. This is something anyone can do on their own.


4. The kitchen

The kitchen is said to represent the wealth of the home because this is where food is kept and prepared. If your office has a proper kitchen, this also applies here.

It’s important to keep your kitchen in order, clean and functional to help create a positive flow for wealth and abundance.

A dirty, greasy stove creates health problems and symbolically blocks the family’s income potential. Therefore I recommend you make sure that all burners are working, and that the stove is kept clean at all times. Use all burners or hotplates regularly to support all working members of the household to be able to generate an income. Don’t keep using the same hotplate/burner, mix it up a little and rotate it around as evenly as you can.


5. Your dining table

Always have a bowl of fresh fruit sitting on your dining table to symbolise abundance. You can also place a mirror so that it reflects your dining table. This represents an abundance of food (and hence wealth) as well as social connections and interactions as a mirror is said to bring you more of what it reflects.

If you have a staff sting area in your office with a proper table and chairs, placing a bowl of fresh fruit there is a great idea. And it might inspire your staff to some healthy eating too!


That’s it! These five areas of your home or office combined represent your wealth and abundance. All of them need to be in balance and looked after for your best abilities to create wealth and abundance to be put forward.

The most important out of the five is your front door. And that’s where it gets interesting when conducting a consultation. Sometimes the Feng Shui of an entrance is anything but supportive of wealth and abundance. That situation can be rectified by putting Feng Shui cures or enhancements in place. But that’s a different blog all together…

If you want to know more about Feng Shui for abundance and wealth or have any questions, please get in touch.

To your abundance!

Feel Good Group - Bowl of fresh fruit for abundance

A bowl of fresh fruit for abundance.



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