Feng Shui Friday – Why Space Clearing rocks!

Space Clearing, or creating sacred space as some call it, is an awesome tool. It’s a way to get any space back into balance. It’s a way to create a fresh start. It’s a way to let go of what has been and move on. You can say that Space Clearing is a process by which you balance your energetic and physical environment to support you on all levels.

There are many different ways to perform Space Clearing. Some use mainly their hands to stir up and shift energy. Others use sage, fire, salt, incense, essential oils or sprays, tibetan bells, singing bowls… The list of tools that work goes on and on. Then we have various techniques, rituals and ceremonies that you can use. All of them can be highly effective when used correctly.

The important thing when you decide to do a Space Clearing is that you use tools and actions that you like and that resonate with you. Space Clearing is all about connecting in with the energy and shifting it. You also need to be able to energetically protect yourself so that you don’t “pick up” the energy you have just released, but rather can be a guide for it and release it and let it go.

When it comes to what tools and rituals work the best, I’m of the opinion that the person performing the Space Clearing is the most important of them all. If you’re doing it yourself, you need to be in a calm, balanced and connected state of mind. You need to feel strong, confident, grounded and “in the flow”. You will know if you’re in that zone or not! If you have a professional come in and support you with the process, you have to feel really comfortable with them as a person and trust in their abilities.

As I said, Space Clearing is a wonderful tool to be used in many different situations. Whenever you feel stuck in your life or that you have lost the flow, a Space Clearing ceremony can help you get things moving again. I personally like to use Space Clearing when moving into a new home or office, after an illness, on a yearly basis as an “energetic spring clean” and whenever else I feel it’s needed. Particularly when moving in to a new place I find Space Clearing very beneficial. It will help you get rid of any energetic “left overs” from previous occupants and events that have taken place in that space and leave you with a fresh start.

Living in a place that is Space Cleared regularly provides the ability for the body and soul to recharge and heal, contributes to emotional balance and enhances free movement of energy on all levels.

So why is Space Clearing important?

Well, this is what I believe: Everything that ever happens in a building gets recorded in the walls, floor, ceiling, objects and even the people and animals in that space. Whenever there is a repetitive pattern happening (like a couple arguing in the kitchen for example) that energetic vibration gets deeply imprinted and therefore creates more of the same. Sometimes these imprints are so strong in the environment that new residents in a home find that they always argue in the kitchen, whereas before they never did. They have picked up on an energetic imprint from the people living there before them. The best way to break out of a habit like that is to Space Clear and then consciously choose different actions and reactions.

Another really cool ting about Space Clearing is that you can use it as both a cure and an enhancement. So even if you think the energy in your home is awesome, you can still Space Clear with the intention of supporting a new project (for example) and this will lend new, fresh energy to that project and propel you further forward, as you are in energetic alignment.

Space Clearing supports you in getting rid of unwanted energies or feelings in a space, as well as bringing in new, positive energies and emotions that you want to have in your life. It’s a very powerful tool and I feel that what it does is like creating magic!

Next week I’ll be giving you a simple Space Clearing ritual to do at home for general cleansing purposes. In saying that, it’s important to note that clearing clutter is the very fist step to start your Space Clearing. Clutter holds on to energy and keeps you stuck in the past. For the best Space Clearing results I recommend starting with a really good “Spring clean” of your home, so that you and your home is ready to let go of the past and bring in fresh, new energies.

Why not start clearing clutter this week so that you’re ready for the Space Clearing next week? Please share what you’re going to do…

Here’s to awesome energy for everyone!

Happy Feng Shui Friday,


Feel Good Group - Space Clearing Tools

Tibetan singing bowls and Sage, great tools for Space Clearing.


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