Feng Shui Friday – Use the “power position”

In Feng Shui we talk about something called the “power position”. This is a place in a room that gives you control, it lends authority to your presence and you will feel comfortable and safe there. It’s easy to identify this spot in any room if you follow a couple simple guide lines. And then if you make sure you are actually in the “power position” you will feel different about spending time in that space, be more creative, more relaxed and in the flow of things. It’s especially beneficial to work or sleep in this position as you are in control, feeling protected and at peace. Both sleep and work will flow more easily when you do.

So how do you get there?

The “power position” is really quite simple to identify. There are two key aspects that you need to focus on:

  1. Have your back against a solid wall (or the bed head of your bed in case of a bedroom)
  2. Make sure you can see the door clearly from where you are and that you’re not in straight alignment with the door

That’s it! Seems too simple? Well, give it a go and notice the difference it makes!

When you’re going for a job interview for example, often times they are conducted in a meeting room of some sort. If you’re lucky, the person interviewing you will show you to the room, open the door and ask you to step inside. If they do, you want to go for the diagonally far away corner from the door and sit down. This way you are in the “power position” of that room, and this will have an impact on how your potential new employer views you. I promise.

Feel Good Group - Meeting room Power Position

The far corner diagonally across from the door in a meeting room is the “power position”.



Imagine that you work in an open plan office, and for whatever reason, your team is moving floors. Make sure you get there first and stake a claim on a desk in a “power position” if you can. This can be tricky with open plan, and often these desks or workstations are found at the end of a cluster of desks, up against a wall. If you have to sit with your back to the room, place a small mirror next to your computer screen. That way you can see what is going on behind your back and you will feel a lot more comfortable.

Feel Good Group - Open plan office Power Position

Often the “power position” is at the end of a cluster of desks in an open plan office.



Make sure you follow these criteria when furnishing your bedroom at home too. Put your bed head against a solid wall, make sure you can see the door to the room when in bed, and notice the difference.

Feel Good Group - Bed Power Position

This bed is in the “power position”.



You can walk around any room and feel your way to the “power position” if you are uncertain. There will be a spot in that room where things just feel right, where you relax a little and feel more comfortable. That’s where you want to be spending your time.

So get out there, identify your “power positions” at home and at work. Let me know how you go, I’d love to hear about it.

Happy Feng Shui Friday,



  2 comments for “Feng Shui Friday – Use the “power position”

  1. sanna
    February 15, 2013 at 17:52

    What a wonderful post – will get too it and use it, especially in an interview situation! Happy Days!

  2. Sara
    February 15, 2013 at 18:26

    Good luck with the interviews! 🙂 Let me know how you go! xx

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