Holidays are good for the soul!

I’m currently away on holidays in stunning Santorini. A small, volcanic Greek island. The colours here are amazing, as is the food and the people. It just seems to me like they get it here. Life is too short to be stressing around. It’s all about quality, not quantity and if I get where I’m going exactly on time is not the main thing. The main thing is that I enjoy the journey!

So here I am, enjoying the journey!

I find myself tasting tomatoes that are unreal, because they were allowed to grow at their own pace, and then handpicked when they were ready to be. I can taste it, and they feel different in my stomach. It’s like eating happiness! 🙂

So what I’ve noticed when there is no other agenda than to enjoy the day is that I sleep better, I wake up feeling more refreshed and my body is so grateful for it. When I can be and enjoy the journey, life seems to work better. So I’m taking this new insight with me when I leave. Let my body show me what works and what doesn’t, and listen. Just listen to my own inner voice, it always knows!

I hope you’re somewhere equally spectacular and enjoying your life just as much!


Feel Good Group - A beautiful sunset over the caldera in Santorini

Beautiful sunset in Santorini!

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