Surround yourself with love

This is going to be a bit more of a personal reflection type of post today. I’ve had an interesting time lately, personally and also watching the people around me. There are some people who just naturally act from a point of love and acceptance, and there are other people who seem to naturally act from a point of lack and disbelief. It’s interesting watching the different results, and it’s interesting being around, or surrounded by, one or the other. In one atmosphere there is love, acceptance, abundance, laugher and sharing. It’s including rather than excluding and these people create wonderful things together. There is understanding and support here. Its’ a safe environment to share and grow.

In the other environment there’s competition, fake smiles, back stabbing, and a sense of heaviness and stress. There is no real sense of connection. It seems to me like there is a lot of blaming going on, people keep tabs on who said what and who got away with what when. It’s tiring and nothing much moves in an environment like this. There is no natural collaboration, no one lends a helping hand and no real results are created.

So I’ve been thinking… What creates the difference? Is it down to what people often refer to as “company culture”? And in that case, where does that stem from? Who stands for, and decides the culture, in any group, association or company? Personally, I think it starts at the top. How was this group of people pulled together to begin with? What were the intentions of the founders? And how are the leaders behaving now? They might be the same people that started it all, or they may be new. It doesn’t really matter. It seems to me like this “culture” has a life of its own and it keeps on going in the direction it was once set off.

So therefore, I think it’s very important to look at our intentions when we start something new, even if it’s “only” a personal project or journey. Why am I doing this? What’s driving me? Where am I coming from? Am I doing this to create something? Or am I doing it to oppose something or someone? What energy am I starting off with? And how does that sit with the end result I want to achieve?

Have a think about that before you start something new. Take a few moments to get clear on what it really is that you want to put forward. What feelings do you want to be associated with this thing that you’re about to do? And then act from that space, whatever it might be. You are responsible for your own creations, make sure you create what it is that you truly want!

Today I’m choosing to act from love, to be in love, to surround myself with love. Because I’m worth it – and it feels better!

Have a great weekend!



Feel Good Group - Love Cats

Love Cats! 🙂


  2 comments for “Surround yourself with love

  1. Dave
    November 28, 2013 at 12:19

    Found your site on a “surround yourself with love ” search on google. I have been drawn to the importance of us to love lately. You have a lot of good thoughts here. I really liked your “Have a think about that” thought. Saw you had no comments yet and wanted you to know that someone “out there” heard you. Thanks wish you the best. Dave, Ohio

    • Sara
      November 28, 2013 at 12:37

      Thanks Dave, I really appreciate you getting in touch! 🙂

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