Why I believe specific Feng Shui advise is better

I had a wonderful opportunity over the weekend to be part of a “women’s pampering day” (what a great idea!!!) in Sans Souci here in Sydney. This lovely woman had invited a bunch of her girlfriends to a “time out day” for themselves. I was there to talk about Feng Shui, there was a tarot card reader and a massage therapist looking after and spoiling all of us. The hostess had also cooked the most beautiful food and even though I was mainly there to do a talk, I felt really included, pampered and special. It was great fun!

So I did my talk on Feng Shui, and as always, there were lots of questions. I love it when I get an opportunity to talk to people about Feng Shui, what it is and how it works. I get to do some myth busting and really get into how Feng Shui works and how it doesn’t work. That’s one of my missions, to de-mystify this ancient art of energy balance and help people see that it’s very hands on, down to earth and practical.

I get a lot of questions along the lines of “where is my wealth corner” or “how do I activate my relationships corner”. So there are mainly two types of Feng Shui practiced outside of China, the form that I do is called Flying Stars (as well as incorporating Form and Compass schools). The type that is massive in the West, especially the USA, is called BTB, or Black Hat Sect.

The BTB form of Feng Shui builds on general advice, it talks about the 9 square bagua, and how this bagua can be overlaid and interpreted the same for every home. This is the type of Feng Shui where each home would have their “wealth corner” or “relationships corner” in the same spot. I don’t believe it works that way.

To me, that would be to say that a general astrology reading for capricorns applies in exactly the same way to all capricorns. However, there are personalised astrology charts and readings that take into consideration your exact date, time and place of birth and from that you can get an intricate, personalised reading, special just for you.

It’s the same with homes. In my experience, there isn’t one stock standard energetic solution that you can apply to every home. You need the personalisation, you need the specific interpretations for your home. Anyway, I’ve written a blog post about why I don’t think BTB/Black Hat Sect is a great approach here.

So what are the most common questions I get? And how do I answer them?

Here are some examples:

1. How can I get more money?
The truth is there are a number of areas in your home that tells me what your money making potential is like while living there. Some of them you can work on yourself, some of them you’d need a full feng shui consultation with a flying star reading to find out about. So, there is no stock standard answer to cover it all.

And here’s a start:
– clear out any clutter you have in your home. Clutter is detrimental to your energy and spirit and will hold you back in all areas of life.
– have a welcoming entrance. It needs to be easy to find your front door from the street. Once you get there, this area should be light, bright, as open as possible and feel welcoming.

2. What is the best colour for my bedroom?
Th truth is that this is really up to individual taste. It’s your bedroom. The most important thing is that you LOVE the colour here, that you feel peaceful and safe, calm and relaxed. You are sleeping here, so what you like is the most important.

Apart from that, the best colour for your bedroom will depend on what compass direction it falls in. There are certain favourable colours related to each of the eight compass directions. That aside, calm colours that you love works best in your bedroom.

3. I’ve put a (insert various objects here) in my (insert various areas of home here), is that good?
The answer is definitely YES! Why? Because you tend to place objects in your home that you love. And you tend to place objects in certain areas for a specific reason, because they look good there, you like them there or they have a specific meaning to you. All of these are great reasons.

On the other hand, the answer could also definitely be NO! What? How can I say that all f a sudden? Well, if you placed something somewhere because you think it’s “the right thing to do”, or you feel like you “should” have it there, this is not good. I can’t stress that enough, if you don’t love it, if it annoys you, if you are keeping it out of guilt, get rid of it.

So to sum up pretty much all questions I get: if you love it – it’s good for you! If you don’t love it – it’s not good for you.

For most things it really is that simple. Be guided by your own inner compass, your taste, your feelings for your home. Do what looks and feels right to you.

Yes, there are intricate Feng Shui interpretations that can be done for any home to bring in balance and harmony and maximise the energetic potential. Is this something to worry about? Never. Is it a great tool to use to get more of what you want in life? Definitely.

Make your home yours and make it shine!





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