Feng Shui – You don’t have to believe it to see it work

I did a short talk at my local business breakfast this morning around Feng Shui and the value of using it. Preparing for this talk I was going through all the wonderful things I could share that would be of value to the group. And the one thing I kept coming back to was that you actually don’t have to believe in Feng Shui for it to work.

It just does.

Feng Shui works with the subtle energies around us. Some people can feel these energies, some can’t. Some know that they exist, some don’t. Some believe in them, some think it’s all a load of cr*p. Some are hoping that these energies are there, and they don’t have any proof that this is the case.

Well these days there really IS scientific proof that energy exists and that it affects us. And that’s a totally different blog all together. What I’m after today is to get the message across that you don’t have to believe in Feng Shui for it to benefit you.

I personally think that this is great news!

This means that you can have a consultation done for your home or office, and as long as you follow the advice given, you will get the benefits of Feng Shui, whether you believe in it or not.

What you will notice is that magically a problem you’ve been struggling with for a long time all of a sudden is resolved with a wonderful outcome. That business deal that you just couldn’t get across the line before will all of a sudden be happening, and faster and easier than you could ever imagine.

You might find that you sleep better. You could start shedding those extra kilos. You might find the inspiration to start writing your book, or finding the courage to start your own business. Maybe you were single and out of the blue meet your dream partner. If you were getting a bit tired of your spouse, all of a sudden you might feel like you are newly in love again.

All of these things (and more of course) can happen simply because your home (or office) is now resonating with positive energy, bringing harmony and balance to all areas of your life.

So if you have a block in any area of life that has been there for a while, you’ve “tried everything” and you don’t know what else to do about it – Feng Shui can really help.

Donald Trump says this about Feng Shui:

“I don’t have to believe in Feng Shui.
I use it because it makes me money.”

So next time you’re feeling stuck, why not take a leaf out of Mr Trump’s book and use Feng Shui to help you, whether you believe in it or not.

Have a great weekend!

With love,

Feel Good Group - Donald Trump uses Feng Shui because it makes him money.

Donald Trump uses Feng Shui because it makes him money.

Are you blocking your wealth creation potential?

A lot of questions I get around Feng Shui are related the topic of wealth and/or abundance. There are many areas of your home connected to wealth and abundance and I’ll give you five quick fixes below that you can implement straight away.

1. Make your entrance open and welcoming
Having lots of stuff in your entrance is detrimental to a free flow of opportunities, energy and people into your home. This is what will bring more money your way, so an easy to find and welcoming entrance is essential for creating wealth.

2. Use fresh fruit
Fresh fruit represents abundance and wealth, and it brings in positive energy to your home, and your body. Have a bowl of fresh fruit sitting on your dining table to send out vibrations of abundance, and you will attract more of the same.

3. Magnify it with mirrors
Mirrors will give you more of what they reflect. So have the mirrors in your home reflect things that remind you of wealth and abundance. This could be a lush, green garden, or the bowl of fresh fruit on your dining room table for example.

4. Burn it up
Make sure you use all of the burners or hotplates on your stove equally. Doing this will energetically support all income earning members of the family to bring in money. It will also support multiple streams income finding their way to you. Why? Because the stove represents abundance and wealth as this is where you prepare your food. So make sure you keep all money channels open!

5. Wipe it down
A dirty, greasy stove top is detrimental to your wealth. Dirt and grease blocks qi and an unclean stove top signals that you don’t care about your financial situation. Make it a habit to clean your stove every time after cooking and you will be amazed at the difference this will make. Not only will you feel good, you may well find that unexpected money making opportunities start coming your way!

There you have it. Five small steps that you can easily implement today to support your own wealth creating potential.

How good is that? 🙂

Yours in abundance,

Feel Good Group Fruit Bowl

A bowl of fresh fruit on your dining table will help you attract more abundance

Get good vibrations – Article in Women’s Fitness

I’m so excited to be featured in the September 2014 issue of Women’s Fitness magazine! Out of a lot of information I gave them on Feng Shui, these are the tips they chose to put in print.

The text below is a direct copy of the article.

Harmonise your home with a few lessons in feng shui
Who needs a big-budget reno? We asked Sara Allard, founder of FeelGood Feng Shui (feelgoodfengshui.com), for simple tips for creating a happier home.

Clear the clutter
Not only does your junk slow energy down, it can cause blockages and lead to missed opportunities, says Allard. “If you feel the need to get moving forward, clearing clutter is a great place to start.”

Fill it with love
“When a room is out of balance we often don’t want to spend time there,” says Allard. To banish the bad vibes, surround yourself with things you really love. “Fix things that are broken and get rid of stuff you don’t use,” she says.

Use mirrors wisely
The wrong placement of mirrors can send your positive energy out the window – literally – and disturb sleep. “Cover bedroom mirrors at night, and never place a mirror opposite your front door,” instructs Allard, as this will repel energy and fortune.

Let the outdoors in
Boost the positive energy in your home and help purify the air with a few indoor plants. If your thumb isn’t so green, open some windows to let the air and ‘chi’ flow freely.

The right shade
Choose colours carefully. “For a calm room, such as a bedroom, use cool colours like greens and blues,” says Allard. “For an active room, vibrant reds and yellows will keep the positive energy pumping.”

If you find this interesting and want to know more about what you can do in your own home, get in touch and I’d be happy to help!


Feel Good Group in Women's Fitness Magazine - September 2014

Feel Good Group in Women’s Fitness Magazine – September 2014

What is this “energy” you speak of?

I was met with an awesome challenge a couple of weeks back. I was in a conversation with people who are not yet “believers”. What I mean by that is that when they asked me what I do, and I answered that I work with Feng Shui and the energy in people’s surroundings, they just stared at me blankly. And the awesome thing was that they both said to me “I don’t understand what that means”.

So I love a good challenge and instead of going down the track of deciding these people were difficult and didn’t want to get me, I really understood that the way I was communicating what I do didn’t make sense to them. So how to explain it?

What I said was this; “You know the feeling you get sometimes when you walk into someone’s home and it just feels really nice? Compare that to a time when you’ve visited a friend, relative or even a workplace and it just feels wrong. You don’t feel welcome, and if you could, you would prefer to turn around and walk back out.”

They both agreed they had had experiences like that.

And so I said that there is something there, something that you tune into, something your body and consciousness feels that you cannot explain with rational thought. You get a gut-feeling of some sort.

And that’s when the lights went on! The gut feeling. This they understood, it made sense to them. And it was great, I was then able to connect with them and talk about Feng Shui and energy with words that they could connect to, relate to and understand.

What this experience taught me is that it’s never the other person’s fault if they don’t understand me. It’s my responsibility to be curious enough to continue asking and explaining until they “get it”. If I want people to be interested in what I do, I have to talk to them using words that they resonate with and can relate to.

So next time I’m feeling misunderstood, I will remember that maybe I haven’t been curious enough to really explain how I feel, or what is going on. Maybe I haven’t done everything I can to find words, experiences or common ground to relate to the other person. And I will look for ways to improve my communication so that they “get me”.

See, from the experience above, I learned so much more about myself and what I do and I now have a new way to explain to people how “this thing works”. That’s so very useful.

Where could you do with some new ways of explaining what goes on for you? Take some time to put new words on it and see how that works out. Have fun!


Feel Good Group - A picture of a light bulb. Caption: What is this "energy" you speak of?

What is this “energy” you speak of?

What if your life purpose is just a scam?

That thought stopped me dead in my tracks the other day.

What if there is no big mystery for me to unravel about myself? What if there is no ONE BIG THING that I am here, in this world, to do? What if I don’t have a singular purpose the way I have been told, and chosen to believe?

What if?

At first, I got really upset. This has been such a big part of my life for such a long time. The hunt for my purpose. The looking. The hoping. The failing to find it. The feeling of hopelessness that comes with not knowing. The hope that comes with the thought that “once I find my purpose, my true calling in life, things will fall into place, life will be easier, I will attract what I need to fulfil that purpose. If only I knew what it was…”

Then what I felt was freedom! Happiness! Elation!

If there isn’t this one big thing that I have to find… Then I can relax. I can enjoy the ride. I can be me and be happy. And being me, right here, as I am, can be enough.

How good is that?

What about the possibility that there are several, smaller little meanings to my life? And what about if they can change over time? What about if where it’s at is following my dream, one step at a time, and realising that dream can change.

When I think about it, it’s almost impossible for it no to change!

I’m not the same person I was 10 years ago, living in Sweden, never having been to Australia. My life journey has taken me to some places I never even dreamt of visiting. I’ve seen some stuff man, and some things! And I’ve changed on some levels, and on some levels not.

The way I would have lived my so called purpose 10 years ago would have been vastly different from how I would live it today.

So doesn’t it feel better to relax into the thought that there isn’t this one, elusive purpose out there, waiting for me to find it? Instead, there are these smaller dreams, excitements, happy places that light me up… And my life is about stringing together as many of those as I possibly can.

In that scenario, life is a hunt for the good stuff. Life is about having this experience as a human, and that’s it. There is no other big secret to it. It’s about being here, it’s about enjoying the ride. And that’s a freeing thought to me.

So my life, from this day, will be about following my dreams. And they can be small, they can be big, they can be about me or they can be about the greater good. I will do what feels right, and fun, and good, and important to me. Whether that is my “purpose” or not, who cares?

What do you think? Crazy? Or freeing?


Feel Good Group - Your life purpose, a dead end?

The search for your life purpose… A dead end???


Thoughts on being grateful

I’m in Vietnam at the moment. Before coming here I spent 10 days in Cambodia. Life over here is so vastly different from back home in Sydney. So much so I wonder how much of the day to day life of some of the people I have met here I can even begin to understand with my “western mind”.

It seems to me that for most people in this part of the world, life is not about thriving, but about surviving. Something I really don’t see in my normal day-to-day life in Australia. We’ve got it good people!

I’ve seen the fishermen living permanently on Cambodia’s largest lake (Tonle Sap) throw their nets and get nothing. No fish. Next time: no fish. And again: no fish. And yet, they keep going. They have no choice. This is their life and livelihood.

I’ve seen the fishermen in Halong Bay do the same. They come down to live on the water during the time of year they cannot grow rice on their small farms. They move between the land and the water to wherever the likelihood for survival is better during that time of the year.

We have kids at the temples in Cambodia selling trinkets to tourists instead of being in school, with their parents blessings. They see the likelihood of making money that way as bigger than the likelihood of making money from a good education.

Then we have the life in the mountains. Yesterday we went trekking outside of Sapa in the very north of Vietnam, only about 50km from the Chinese border. The local tribal people here live off the land. They grow rice and corn and they cultivate the terraced land using water buffalo. Some of them have electricity, some don’t.

And here I am as a visitor. Dropping in and out of “modern life”. Going for a walk or boat ride, and then coming back to the comfort of my hotel. With wifi connection, a clean bed and a hot shower.

And I feel so very grateful for this – my life! In the last few days I have been reminded of how blessed I am, and I love it. I love that perspective on life. I love that I have the time, space and luxury to ponder things like “Why am I here? What is the purpose of my life? What makes me happy?”. And that I can go and explore these questions, and all the others that run around in my head.

I love that my life is not about surviving, but about thriving. And I have been reminded of this so many times in the last couple of weeks. And so I feel obligated to make the most of my life as I know it. To live to my potential as much as I can. I’ve been given this gift as I see it, and it’s my job to make the most of it.

Therefore I want to explore what makes me happy. Look at what I can do to better serve the greater good. Fight for that which I believe in. Give back. Not because it’s “the right thing to do” (even though it might be), but simply because I can, and because it feels better.

I will wake up every day with joy in my heart. And I wow to remember to be grateful for all that I have, and appreciate the people, experiences and places I come across.

Put simply – My life rocks!

How about yours?

With love,

Feel Good Group - A picture of two pink Lotus flowers in the sunshine - A reminder of all that is beautiful in my life!

Lotus flower – a reminder of all that is beautiful in my life!

It’s just one of those days…

I went to a referral based business group meeting this morning, and the lovely lady who looks after us every Friday morning was there as usual. Though nothing was as per usual with her today. Normally she’s so happy, bubbly and her smile is contagious. Not so today.

For most of the meeting I was so wrapped up in what I was doing, running the meeting on time, making sure everyone got to participate and say their bit etc. and I didn’t consciously notice that anything was wrong.

Not until the meeting itself was over and I was packing my things up to get going. Then I noticed. She wasn’t smiling, she wasn’t throwing her normal little jokes and comments about. So I stopped and I felt into her energy and I could really sense something was different.

As I was walking out the door, I took a quick second to lean over, say thank you and give her a big kiss on the cheek. She looked me deep in the eyes and she said:

“Thank you. It’s just one of those days.”

And I’ve been thinking of that ever since.

“It’s just one of those days.”

Sometimes that is so true. I bet you have your own version of “just one of those days” and that you know exactly what that feels like for you. To me, that’s a day when I’m a bit off. Most things seem to not be going my way, though there is nothing exactly wrong either. If there was something tangible going on, I would define that as a “shit day” instead of “one of those days.”

It’s a bit of an in-between, and still it’s very exact too. It’s not great, and it’s not terrible, and it’s a bit frustrating perhaps.

“One of those days”.

It’s such a useful expression I’ve realised. In it lies the freedom that things aren’t quite ok, and at the same time, it’s ok that they’re not. There’s an underlying tone of hope actually, well there is to me anyway. It says to me that because it’s just “one of those days”, tomorrow is a new day and things will be different.

There’s a freedom in admitting that things aren’t great right now, and at the same time I know they will be right again, soon. And I don’t actually have to do anything about it (unless I want to of course). It will sort itself out by tomorrow.

So, I’m learning to embrace “those days” when they come around! They give me perspective, depth and contrast in my life. They show me what it feels like when things are a little tough, and in that, give me hope that tomorrow is going to be different, better, clearer, happier – whatever it is that is currently lacking in my day.

Why not give it a try? Embrace that niggly feeling, embrace the “not quite right” and in the middle of it all you have this opportunity to see the light at the horizon. No need to push through, pretend to be ok when you’re not. Just have “one of those days” and it will soon pass. Allow it to be exactly what it is, a bit off. And soon enough you will bounce back to higher energy, happier thoughts and more ease in taking action.

Let yourself be where you are and enjoy all of your days. I know my life feels better overall as I learn to accept where I’m at, what I can and want to change, and what I might just need to sit with for a while.

So the next time I’m having “one of those days” I will let it be just that… Maybe you can join me and give it a go too?

With love,

Feel Good Group - A picture of a black umbrella in the rain - It's just one of those days

It’s just one of those days…

A physical change can create a change in energy

I’ve been struggling a little bit lately I must admit. I’ve spread myself too thinly and this is catching up with me now. I have this tendency to say yes to things, without fully considering the consequences. Sound familiar?

Mind you, I only ever say yes to things (well these days anyway) that excite me. And even then, too much of a good thing can still be too much.

So I’ve had a look at how I can best manage my own energy going through busy periods like this. And what I have come up with is probably not mind blowing, or even at all new to most of you. And it has really hit home with me this week, so I felt it was worth sharing anyway.

When I’m feeling busy, I’ve noticed that my mind gets really busy too. I start thinking about all the things that I haven’t done, that I need to plan, people I should have called, emails I must reply to, dinners I must cook… And all of these thoughts add to the feeling of busyness, you might even call it overwhelm.

Then there’s the solely mental overwhelm to deal with as well. You know the one. The one that creeps up on you when you might have a little bit extra time on your hands. The one that sets of if you’re not ok with having some time out, some time off, a slower day (which we all need and I’m all for). The mental stress that sets in if and when you feel like you “should be doing more”, for whatever reason.

I see this in myself and I’ve seen it in my friends and clients as well, when I’m not physically busy, I can still make myself mentally busy anyway.

When you don’t know what to do or how to move forward, what do you normally do? Some people sit and wait for inspiration, procrastinating and hoping for direction to turn up. And while waiting for direction, they normally try to figure it out from a head space. “What do I need to do next?”

Some people push themselves even harder, thinking “the more energy I put in, even if it’s going in the wrong direction, something MUST happen, right?” Some people freeze and feel crap and as a result end up doing nothing, sitting at home like a deer caught in the headlights trying to “figure things out”. Some people stress about it, obsess about it, talk about it, try to work it out, and as a result, it feels like a lot is going on, and in reality, nothing really happens.

So if you are physically busy, or mentally busy, or both, feeling overwhelmed does not help. Agreed?

Well, what can you do? I have found this week that PHYSICALLY changing helps. Don’t try and work with that busy mind of yours, this will only add to the burden of the millions of thoughts already running around in there. Instead, DO something different. Forget about your mental abilities and get into your body.

But how?

Surely meditation must be great, as this is what it’s all about, quietening your mind. For a number of reasons, I actually don’t recommend you starting out with meditation, unless you are very skilled at it and quickly can get to a place of peace inside. Why? From what I hear so many people tell me, they never, ever get to that calm, beautiful place inside while meditating. They just sit still and their mind races just as quickly and as much as per normal. So start with something much more simple.


That’s it. Move your body. Go for a walk. Clean out your wardrobe. Go to the gym. Get your bike out and go for a ride. Weed your garden (added on bonus of connecting with the earth). Swim in the ocean. Walk your dog. Do some yoga at home. And whatever you do, really focus on how this activity feels physically. Notice your breathing, what muscles are being used, are you sweating? And then start noticing things around you. Is the sky blue today? Is the sun out? What are the other people at the gym wearing? Has anything changed in your neighbourhood? Just pay attention.

And you will notice your mind starting to calm down. I have found that when I’m present in my body, it’s really hard to be busy in my mind at the same time. Being physical directs your energy towards something completely different, and it will give you the mental break you’re looking for.

If you’re at work, you can always go for a quick 5 minute walk outside. Find an empty meeting room and do some sit-ups, pushups and star jumps. Or stand up and do some stretches at your desk. Who knows, your colleagues might even join in!

Think about some things to have up your sleeve as your go-to solutions for when you find yourself feeling too busy or overwhelmed. Figure out a few things you know you would love to do ahead of time and write them down somewhere. Then when the mental stress hits, you can look at your list and choose an activity and get yourself back towards a calmer, more centred you.

What will work for you? What will you do to get out of your head and into your body?


Feel Good Group - Two women in the sun jumping high above a field of green grass against a backdrop of blue sky. A physical change can create a change in energy

A physical change can create a change in energy!

Kung Hei Fat Choi – Happy Chinese New Year!

Today is Chinese New Year’s eve. This day (31 January 2014) marks the end of the year of the Water Snake and the beginning of the year of the Wood Horse. What does that mean? Well, as far as I understand it, it means that a year of “growing pains”, or “shedding the old skin”, of “getting rid of what no longer serves us” is (finally, I hear some say!) over.

Many have had a difficult year in 2013, and I understand that snake years are often like that. It’s about letting go of, and growing through, that which no longer serves me. So that was last year. What about this new year?

This new year, a year of the Horse, is all about moving forward. And with speed! This year might seem like it flies by. So you will be wise to be prepared for that! Align yourself with what you want for 2014 and set about creating it NOW. If you haven’t already set some intentions for this year, I strongly advise you to do so ASAP. Or you risk missing the boat, well, horse! Make sure you’re on board when your horse takes flight!

The year of the horse is about creation, about moving forward confidently, about bringing to life that which you desire.

Isn’t every year like that, you might ask? Well yes and no. Some years, energetically, will be better suited to move forward. While some years will be better for cleaning up and moving on. So it’s helpful to align with those energies for best results.

It’s always easier to “go with the flow” than to fight against it. Those of you who tried to create massive, rapid growth last year might have felt this? You might have felt like everything took forever to happen, like no matter which way you turned, there was something else to fix, to solve, to learn from. Well, that year is over. NOW is the time for moving forward!

According to Chinese Astrology, the animal sign of the Horse is a Fire element. Fire is considered to be Yang in nature and represents action, expression and propelling us forward. The Fire element is related to the Heart, so therefore the year of the horse is all about action and expression from the Heart. Yang Wood is the Heavenly Stem associated with the Horse, and this represents new impulses and opportunities. So be prepared this year for new things to come your way and be ready to take advantage of this energy of moving forward.

Put your wishes, dreams and actions out there. Go for it. Dare to dream BIG!

And remember to always operate from your heart!

With love,

Feel Good Group - 2014 Year of the Wood Horse  - A group of people on horse back trail riding in the sunshine.

Get on that horse and ride into 2014!


What’s inspiration? According to Collins English Dictionary – Complete & Unabridged 10th Edition, “inspiration” is:

  1. stimulation or arousal of the mind, feelings, etc, to special or unusual activity or creativity
  2. the state or quality of being so stimulated or aroused
  3. someone or something that causes this state
  4. an idea or action resulting from such a state
  5. the act or process of inhaling; breathing in

So basically, inspiration is something that gets your mind excited, your feelings onboard and gets you to do something creative or out of the ordinary (my jumbled interpretation of the above). That sounds pretty exciting to me!

Yet I often feel “uninspired”. I don’t want to take on a task because I don’t feel inspired to do so, I feel like it’s a chore. Or I’m “just not in the right mindset”. So I wait around and hope that, somehow, inspiration will “happen to me”. Well, most of the time, it doesn’t. So I end up making myself do that thing I really needed to do several days ago, feeling equally as uninspired about it now, only with the twist that now it’s urgent. So I get to add a level of stress as well.

Nothing like a bit of a deadline to motivate me, and lots of other people.

And I know this problem isn’t just for me, I hear people say this all the time: “I don’t feel inspired”.

And I want to change that, for me, for you, for anyone who’s open to some new ideas!

Let’s look at this for a moment. According to Collins English Dictionary, inspiration can be someone or something that causes the state of inspiration. It doesn’t say anywhere that I have to be the one to inspire myself. That’s great. That takes the pressure off. In fact, it even points to the solution right there.

When I don’t feel inspired, someone or something else can get me there. So it seems quite easy then, doesn’t it? If I feel uninspired, and I wish I was inspired instead, go find someone or something to put me in that inspired state.

So here’s an idea. Why not set up your own “Inspiration Kit” (or insert other cool term here that works for you)?!

What inspires you? What gets you in that space of feeling creative, in the flow, ready to go? What leaves a smile on your face and makes you bubble with energy? Is it inspiring quotes? Pictures, books, music, people, movies, websites, places, activities??? What floats your boat? What makes you feel like taking action?

I’m sure if you think about it, there’s a lot more that inspires you than you were originally aware of. So my suggestion is to collect it all in one place where you can easily access it when you “need inspiration”.

You could do a vision board. Or an Evernote note. Or a bookmarks category in your browser. Or an excel sheet. Or a file in your filing cabinet. Or a drawer in your credenza. Or a board on Pinterest. Or start a Facebook group and invite your friends to play.

I’m sure you’re getting the picture here!

So this is what I’m going to do:

  • create a play list with music that lifts my energy and makes me want to dance
  • set up a separate shelf in my book shelf with inspiring books (Eckhart Tolle “A new world”, “Rework” by the guys from 37 Signals, “Become a key person of influence” by Daniel Priestley, among a bunch of others will go there)
  • continue to pin great quotes to my Pinterest board
  • and remember to take a break and go outside and sit in nature when all else fails!

What will you do? I’d love to know.

Have an inspired weekend!


Feel Good Group - Inspiration - A picture of a hand doing a thumbs up against a blue sky.

Thumbs up for Inspiration!