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How to propel your intentions forward into 2014

It’s that time of year again. The time when many of us set goals, make resolutions or put our intentions out there for the new year. Whatever way you look at it, the new year seems to signal a fresh start for many. As a new year starts, so does new habits, or the end of old ways that no longer serve us.

Sooo, how are you going with yours? Are you excitedly sticking to whatever it was you put out there? Maybe you haven’t started yet? Or have you “fallen off the wagon” already? Wherever you’re at is fine. As long as you’re ok with it!

Clearing out clutter is a very powerful way to get rid of what no longer serves you and make space for that which you want instead. Here are some tips to support you in putting some power behind that which you desire for 2014.

Start on the outside, i.e. clean up your physical space, your home and/or your workplace. Make sure that the environment you spend your time in is supporting you in what you want to attract/change/achieve.

If you set an intention around releasing weight (which most people do according to statistics) then go over your pantry and kitchen cupboards. Get real and get rid of the stuff that you know will trip you up. Give the food away to friends or family. Have a look at your closet. Do you have clothes in there that you don’t love? (I bet you do). Clear them out and give them away to the Salvos, Vinnies or similar charities.

For general health and wellbeing, clean out your bedroom. Nothing is allowed to “live” under your bed anymore! Storing stuff under your bed is a surefire way to disturb your sleep and as a result negatively impact your overall health. No work materials in the bedroom, ever. Do not charge your phone next to your bed. And if your closet is in here, give it a good clearing out. If you don’t love it or wear it, give it away.

For business or money related goals, look at your entrance and office. Your entrance should be free of clutter (no shoes, no bags, no children’s toys), light, open and welcoming. Put a picture of something that you love and that inspires you inside your front door. Clear out your office. File away that paperwork. Keep your desk tidy. Clean up the files on your computer.

If you want more friends, fun and social times in your life, look at your living room. Clean out any clutter hiding here. It could be ornaments you really don’t like, pictures or artwork that no longer appeals to you. Maybe you have a messy book shelf, or a DVD collection that is just collecting dust? Give it all away.

If you really want to go for it and improve your whole life, live lighter and feel more grounded, happy and alive, clutter clear your whole house. There is nowhere you can keep clutter and it doesn’t affect you. Yes, that includes the garage and under house storage sections, linen cupboards and other storage areas.

When you clear out clutter, it’s like letting go of energetic attachment to the past, to the things you no longer love or use. This process will create space, not just physical space, but mental space as well. You will feel lighter. You will feel inspired. You will feel ready to take on new things, and you’ll do it with joy, ease and a smile.

There are no down sides to clearing clutter, only upsides! That’s what I love about it!

And if you’re one of those people who feel stuck, uninspired and uncertain of what you want for this new year, clearing clutter will help you get clear. Maybe your life is so full of stuff, mentally and physically right now, that there is no room for more… By creating space, you might well find clarity and direction at the same time.

So go ahead and give yourself an opportunity to rocket fuel your dreams, goals and intentions for 2014! Out with the old, in with the new!

Where will you start your clutter clearing? I’m going for the wardrobe first…

Here’s to an awesome 2014 filled with joy, love, happiness, abundance and health!

All the best,

Feel Good Group - A picture of a cluttered room with boxes and stuff everywhere.

None of this in 2014 – Say NO to clutter!

Find your passions in your childhood

One of my friends reminded me today about living with purpose and passion. She said it’s not about a job description, but rather a theme of desire that weaves through all of your life. It feels good, and still it might not always be easy. She said to look at what I loved as a child before too much of life and people got in the way of what I enjoyed doing.

Reading this sent me back on a journey to my childhood. And this is what I discovered about myself:

I loved being outdoors in nature in any way, shape or form. Especially the dark, magnificent Swedish woods around both of my grandparents places. The smells, the plants, the animals. Every now and then I would even catch a glimpse of a moose! Picking berries and mushrooms, knowing all of them by name and which ones I could eat and not.

I read everything I could get my hands on about animals, I can still see in my minds eye the two most amazing books on my parents bookshelf: Nordic Lexicon of Animals I and II (my own translation). The Puma (cougar) in there… I can still see her face.

I loved working with wood, carving things, always had my knife with me when I went out into the woods and made stuff out of old branches. Collecting feathers. Swimming in and rowing on lakes. Sitting quietly on a big rock in the reeds at the lake, watching dragonflies, butterflies and bees all around me and just forget about time.

Hanging out with my grandfather’s massive Ardennes (Ardennais) horse. Walking the neighbour’s dogs if they let me. Sleeping with my cat. Reading, reading, reading and listening to music.

Waking up in the middle of the night to go outside and talk to the full moon… Planting seeds in my parent’s garden on my own allocated little piece of land and watching them grow. Sun-baking (even though my skin is not really made for it). Picking up beautiful rocks and taking them home.

Spending time by the ocean, collecting shells and then making little “art work piles” of them all throughout my room at home.

Smelling the flowers. Taking the time to lay down on the grass and watch the clouds go by. Collecting tadpoles and watch then grow into frogs. Catch water salamanders in the creek and bring them home.

Watching fires burn in our fire place. Playing tricks on people.

I also remember always naturally standing up for the “weaker” or “less fortunate” around me. Telling bullies off came naturally to me as a child. I just never understood the purpose of picking on anyone.

I was also very secure in myself and knew what I liked and didn’t like, and I wasn’t afraid to share this with the world around me.

What does all of this mean to me right here, right now? For one, I’m reminded (again) of my love of nature and our planet and how important it really is for me to connect with animals and the outdoors often.

The other things is, that in my own way, I have always wanted for myself and the people around me to feel good about themselves, to operate from a place of personal power on the inside.

A very timely reminder for me right now as I move forward with my new business!

What did you love doing as child? How could you bring these things into your grown-up life and live with authenticity, passion and coming from a place of feeling empowered, right here, right now?

While moving forward into 2014, I’ll be connecting back to the little girl who knew herself, and let her light shine through my life once more.

What will you do for you?

Here’s to an awesome year ahead,

 Feel Good Group - A little girl in red patting a big, brown Ardennes horse on the nose.

Me and my grandfather’s Ardennes horse Tora.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!

Have you got something you really want for 2014? Well, this new year’s eve the moon is supporting us in letting go of what we no longer need so we can step fresh into a new year tomorrow.

Tonight is a dark moon, and tomorrow is a new moon. A naturally great situation for leaving behind what you no longer want and then put forward what you intend to create.

Take advantage of the energetic support you’re getting from nature tonight and tomorrow!

For me, I’m officially launching Red Volcano to replace my previous business FeelGood Feng Shui. I’m very excited about this!

May next year be your best one yet! Get out there and create what it is that your heart desires!!!

Wishing you a wonderful end to 2013 and a great start to 2014,

Feel Good Group - NYE2013 - A picture of fireworks with the words: Happy New year! Set you intentions. Then make them happen! May 2014 be your best year yet!

Go out there and create a magical 2014!

Time for a time-out?!

It’s that time of year again… The silly season is upon us and I don’t know about you, but for me, it seems like this year the buying hype and shopping frenzy has reached new highs. I went to the mall yesterday because I needed a new top. I’m doing an important talk on Tuesday and I want to look my best. So I figured it was time to treat myself to something beautiful and new.

I nearly turned around with mission unaccomplished!

It was insane. I was not prepared for it, not at all. I had to wait in line in the car park to get a parking spot. There were cars everywhere, annoyed people and honking. Like I said, I nearly turned around. But the thought of my talk and the need of looking great was bigger than the discomfort of being in this unpleasant situation, so I prevailed.

While I was sitting in my car, waiting for a park to free up, I looked at the people around me. “T’is the season to be jolly…” Right? Nope. All I saw was unhappy faces, parents pulling at their kids arms to hurry them up, shopping trolleys overflowing with stuff (some so full things even fell out) and I thought to myself “This is not healthy”.

When did Christmas become all about buying stuff? When did we decide that it’s so important to look the part that weeks out many, many of us are already stressed and “trying to get everything ready”. What is that “everything” that we “need” to get done anyway? Says who? If it’s all about your own wants, needs and wishes, that’s cool. How many do you think are doing it because “it’s expected of me” or “it’s just what we do in our family”, or a similar reason?

If the need to get things done is not deeply rooted within yourself and something that you are happy to do, I challenge you to think about it carefully. Is it really that important? Is there an alternative way to go about it? Can you make a choice that this year, less is more? Can you find a way that is less stressful, more fun and so much better for your in the long run?! Just have a look and see if this resonates with you.

We’re coming into the summer holiday season here in Sydney, kids will soon be off school and life will slow down a little. Don’t wait until then to look after yourself! Take som time out in the last two weeks leading up to Christmas and just relax. Even if it’s only for 5 minutes. 5 minutes is better than no minutes!

Go sit by the beach and look at the waves for 5 minutes.
Close your eyes, lean back in your office chair and day dream for 5 minutes.
Instead of being on your phone while commuting to work, close your eyes and just be still.
Go for a short walk at lunchtime.
Take your shoes off and plant your feet in the grass.
Read a book that makes you happy.
Hug a tree.
Kiss your partner like you kissed when you first met.
Fall asleep in your daughter’s bed.

Do something for yourself consciously every day. Take some time out. Relax. And let go of the stress that is not yours. Do Christmas your way.

What can you do to give yourself 5 minutes of alone time? What will you do? What did you do? I’d love to know!

Today, I’ll have a cup of tea in my beautiful garden, just listen to the birds and be still…

With love,


Feel Good Group - Teapot and mug of green tea on a bamboo tray.

Tea time out for me today!



Your life should light you up!

This is a pretty big statement, I know. And there is also a “should” in there too. Well, today I’m feeling a little bit like throwing caution to the wind and breaking some rules.

Yes, I don’t like being “should upon” any more than the next person. And at the same time I really do believe that your life should light you up! I believe that if you’re not happy with your life, if you don’t feel joy, passion, happiness and some sense of meaning in life, then you’re missing out.

I actually think life is meant to feel inspiring, interesting and easy. Yes, easy. I don’t think the happiest people are the ones that struggle the most. I think the happiest people are the ones that take on the day as it comes. The ones that go with the flow, that take things as they come.

I think these people have an ability to let go of things they cannot control. And it makes sense. Why worry about something you can’t do anything about anyway? It will only bring you down.

So maybe happiness comes from being content in the moment? Maybe it’s about being able to appreciate where you are right now, feeling good about it, and not wanting for more in this very instance? Maybe happiness is about being present? Maybe that’s what people call happiness?

I’m thinking that maybe many of us have this distorted picture of happiness, that it’s a desired state to live in, all the time. Like watching a fun movie or giggling with your girlfriends, that bubbling feeling of outward expression.

What about if happiness is not that? What if happiness as you think it should be is just a concept? What if it’s something you are yet to discover the meaning of for you? What if the point is being content with where you’re at, and inspired to be journeying towards where you want to go? What a possibility! What an inspiring, new finding to grow into.

I do believe growth is paramount to feeling like your life is lighting you up. And I don’t mean growth in size. I mean growth as in spiritual awareness, as in taking on a new challenge, learning a new skill, doing something you’ve never done before.

Growth can also be about being afraid of something and doing it anyway. Whenever I do that, I feel better after. I feel stronger. I feel alive. You might even say that I feel like my life is lighting me up!

What can you do to make sure your life lights you up? I’d love to know.



Feel Good Group - Fireworks

Your life should light you up!


Why I believe specific Feng Shui advise is better

I had a wonderful opportunity over the weekend to be part of a “women’s pampering day” (what a great idea!!!) in Sans Souci here in Sydney. This lovely woman had invited a bunch of her girlfriends to a “time out day” for themselves. I was there to talk about Feng Shui, there was a tarot card reader and a massage therapist looking after and spoiling all of us. The hostess had also cooked the most beautiful food and even though I was mainly there to do a talk, I felt really included, pampered and special. It was great fun!

So I did my talk on Feng Shui, and as always, there were lots of questions. I love it when I get an opportunity to talk to people about Feng Shui, what it is and how it works. I get to do some myth busting and really get into how Feng Shui works and how it doesn’t work. That’s one of my missions, to de-mystify this ancient art of energy balance and help people see that it’s very hands on, down to earth and practical.

I get a lot of questions along the lines of “where is my wealth corner” or “how do I activate my relationships corner”. So there are mainly two types of Feng Shui practiced outside of China, the form that I do is called Flying Stars (as well as incorporating Form and Compass schools). The type that is massive in the West, especially the USA, is called BTB, or Black Hat Sect.

The BTB form of Feng Shui builds on general advice, it talks about the 9 square bagua, and how this bagua can be overlaid and interpreted the same for every home. This is the type of Feng Shui where each home would have their “wealth corner” or “relationships corner” in the same spot. I don’t believe it works that way.

To me, that would be to say that a general astrology reading for capricorns applies in exactly the same way to all capricorns. However, there are personalised astrology charts and readings that take into consideration your exact date, time and place of birth and from that you can get an intricate, personalised reading, special just for you.

It’s the same with homes. In my experience, there isn’t one stock standard energetic solution that you can apply to every home. You need the personalisation, you need the specific interpretations for your home. Anyway, I’ve written a blog post about why I don’t think BTB/Black Hat Sect is a great approach here.

So what are the most common questions I get? And how do I answer them?

Here are some examples:

1. How can I get more money?
The truth is there are a number of areas in your home that tells me what your money making potential is like while living there. Some of them you can work on yourself, some of them you’d need a full feng shui consultation with a flying star reading to find out about. So, there is no stock standard answer to cover it all.

And here’s a start:
– clear out any clutter you have in your home. Clutter is detrimental to your energy and spirit and will hold you back in all areas of life.
– have a welcoming entrance. It needs to be easy to find your front door from the street. Once you get there, this area should be light, bright, as open as possible and feel welcoming.

2. What is the best colour for my bedroom?
Th truth is that this is really up to individual taste. It’s your bedroom. The most important thing is that you LOVE the colour here, that you feel peaceful and safe, calm and relaxed. You are sleeping here, so what you like is the most important.

Apart from that, the best colour for your bedroom will depend on what compass direction it falls in. There are certain favourable colours related to each of the eight compass directions. That aside, calm colours that you love works best in your bedroom.

3. I’ve put a (insert various objects here) in my (insert various areas of home here), is that good?
The answer is definitely YES! Why? Because you tend to place objects in your home that you love. And you tend to place objects in certain areas for a specific reason, because they look good there, you like them there or they have a specific meaning to you. All of these are great reasons.

On the other hand, the answer could also definitely be NO! What? How can I say that all f a sudden? Well, if you placed something somewhere because you think it’s “the right thing to do”, or you feel like you “should” have it there, this is not good. I can’t stress that enough, if you don’t love it, if it annoys you, if you are keeping it out of guilt, get rid of it.

So to sum up pretty much all questions I get: if you love it – it’s good for you! If you don’t love it – it’s not good for you.

For most things it really is that simple. Be guided by your own inner compass, your taste, your feelings for your home. Do what looks and feels right to you.

Yes, there are intricate Feng Shui interpretations that can be done for any home to bring in balance and harmony and maximise the energetic potential. Is this something to worry about? Never. Is it a great tool to use to get more of what you want in life? Definitely.

Make your home yours and make it shine!





Use your fears

I’m currently reading “The Me Myth” by the fabulous Andrew Griffiths. Such an inspirational book filled with little gold nuggets.

If you don’t know who Andrew is, go have a look at his website. He’s a really great guy and “The Me Myth” is a story about his personal journey in life. He’s been through some pretty tough times and made some inspiring decisions. I’m lucky to have Andrew as one of the mentors on a business development program I’m currently attending. Anyway, this is what caught my eye and tied in with my emotions today:

“Over many years I have learnt to identify other people’s fears coming to the surface. As soon as I hear someone telling me what I can’t do, or why I shouldn’t be doing something, I get a small internal smile and I look at them to see why they are scared of my desire to reach for my dreams. That is their issue, their problem, their challenge, but I never let it stop me.”

Reading this I realised how often, in the past, I have not been supportive of my friends dreams. It made me stop dead in my tracks! I would like to think of myself as a pretty positive person, someone who is supportive and helpful to her friends. And then it hit me. I often hide behind being the “logical” or “reasonable” friend. The one who “stands with her two feet on the ground” (not that there’s anything wrong with that, on the contrary, it depends on how you do it though and that it’s not just a cover up for being stubborn and boring). I’ve been the one who will ask: “Have you really thought this through?”.

Sometimes that question might be called for, and sometimes it might well be much more about MY own fears than about supporting my friends in living their dreams. So from now on I’m going to be super-vigilant about this! I’m going to get to know myself and my fears and do my very best to keep my own fears from getting in the way of me supporting my friends to live their dreams. I’m thinking that when I manage to do this myself, this is what I will see in others too. It will come back to me in the way of the people around me being supportive of what I want to do, the dreams that I dare to dream, the cool stuff I want to create. They will encourage me and I them. This way, we will create a more positive, fun relationship between us.

There might be a time and place to ask questions, to be a bit cautious, to get to the bottom of what is going on. And generally speaking, isn’t it more fun to be supportive, going with the flow and seeing the possibilities that are out there? Doesn’t it feel better to have a positive attitude and be happy about someone going for it instead of finding reasons why it won’t work? And to know that perhaps, more than anything, those reasons why it won’t work for your friend, is just your own fears talking? When I look at it like that, what can I learn about me? And how can I use these insights for my own growth and development?

What do you think?

Here’s to playing a bigger game and living life to the fullest!





Surround yourself with love

This is going to be a bit more of a personal reflection type of post today. I’ve had an interesting time lately, personally and also watching the people around me. There are some people who just naturally act from a point of love and acceptance, and there are other people who seem to naturally act from a point of lack and disbelief. It’s interesting watching the different results, and it’s interesting being around, or surrounded by, one or the other. In one atmosphere there is love, acceptance, abundance, laugher and sharing. It’s including rather than excluding and these people create wonderful things together. There is understanding and support here. Its’ a safe environment to share and grow.

In the other environment there’s competition, fake smiles, back stabbing, and a sense of heaviness and stress. There is no real sense of connection. It seems to me like there is a lot of blaming going on, people keep tabs on who said what and who got away with what when. It’s tiring and nothing much moves in an environment like this. There is no natural collaboration, no one lends a helping hand and no real results are created.

So I’ve been thinking… What creates the difference? Is it down to what people often refer to as “company culture”? And in that case, where does that stem from? Who stands for, and decides the culture, in any group, association or company? Personally, I think it starts at the top. How was this group of people pulled together to begin with? What were the intentions of the founders? And how are the leaders behaving now? They might be the same people that started it all, or they may be new. It doesn’t really matter. It seems to me like this “culture” has a life of its own and it keeps on going in the direction it was once set off.

So therefore, I think it’s very important to look at our intentions when we start something new, even if it’s “only” a personal project or journey. Why am I doing this? What’s driving me? Where am I coming from? Am I doing this to create something? Or am I doing it to oppose something or someone? What energy am I starting off with? And how does that sit with the end result I want to achieve?

Have a think about that before you start something new. Take a few moments to get clear on what it really is that you want to put forward. What feelings do you want to be associated with this thing that you’re about to do? And then act from that space, whatever it might be. You are responsible for your own creations, make sure you create what it is that you truly want!

Today I’m choosing to act from love, to be in love, to surround myself with love. Because I’m worth it – and it feels better!

Have a great weekend!



Feel Good Group - Love Cats

Love Cats! 🙂


Holidays are good for the soul!

I’m currently away on holidays in stunning Santorini. A small, volcanic Greek island. The colours here are amazing, as is the food and the people. It just seems to me like they get it here. Life is too short to be stressing around. It’s all about quality, not quantity and if I get where I’m going exactly on time is not the main thing. The main thing is that I enjoy the journey!

So here I am, enjoying the journey!

I find myself tasting tomatoes that are unreal, because they were allowed to grow at their own pace, and then handpicked when they were ready to be. I can taste it, and they feel different in my stomach. It’s like eating happiness! 🙂

So what I’ve noticed when there is no other agenda than to enjoy the day is that I sleep better, I wake up feeling more refreshed and my body is so grateful for it. When I can be and enjoy the journey, life seems to work better. So I’m taking this new insight with me when I leave. Let my body show me what works and what doesn’t, and listen. Just listen to my own inner voice, it always knows!

I hope you’re somewhere equally spectacular and enjoying your life just as much!


Feel Good Group - A beautiful sunset over the caldera in Santorini

Beautiful sunset in Santorini!

Compass Directions – Northeast

The Northeast sector of your home represents knowledge, education and self-improvement. It’s connected to the youngest son in the family and the element of earth. The emblem of the Northeast is a mountain and the number associated with the Northeast is 8. Yellow, brown, beige and orange are favourable colours for this part of your home, and it’s represented by square shapes. The season of late summer (sometimes called Indian summer) is connected to the Northeast and in your body it corresponds to your digestion as well as your hands.

This kind of information is useful if you are experiencing any issues in any of the areas mentioned above, or you want to create extra support in your life for these areas. If that’s the case it can pay off to take a closer look at the Northeast sector of your home.

For example, a bathroom in this sector will have a draining effect on the youngest son in the family as well as everyone’s ability to attain knowledge, education or self-improvement. A stove or fireplace here can mean that these areas of your life are over-active and you can tend to feel burnt out by them. To rectify these situations ideally you should move the bathroom or fireplace, which of course most often you cannot do. Instead you can create extra support for the youngest son by helping him to de-stress or by spending more time with him on his school projects and home work. It’s also important for everyone in the home to counteract these situations with taking extra care to not be lazy or give up around working on yourselves or attaining new knowledge.

Clutter in the Northeast sector of your home will create a barrier around learning, attaining new knowledge or your ability to self-improve. Clutter is attracted to the areas of your life you feel burdened by or don’t want to look at. If you find clutter in this sector of your home, subconsciously you are working against yourself learning new things and improving as a person. If this bothers you and you want to change it, start clearing the clutter in this part of your home, and you will soon find that you have more energy, time and inspiration to learn and grow.

If this part of your home is missing, or partially missing, you may experience issues in attaining new knowledge or learning things, or even experience health issues related to your digestion or hands. To counteract this you can place large terracotta pots, a barbecue or open fire place outside in the Northeast sector of your garden.


Feel Good Group - Emblem of the Northeast - Mountain

Emblem of the Northeast – Mountain.